Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Surprise - Uncovered

My dearest husband tried so hard - and he almost pulled it off.

My hubby is so good at surprises. In the past he has surprised me on one knee for a beautiful wedding proposal, instigated a wedding shower, prompted a baby shower, planned fabulous weekend getaways all without my knowledge. Granted, I'm not the most intuitive person around, but I can clue in to the abnormal when I need to. I'm also very curious - nosy - and so that poses a challenge to David. For my birthday, David purchased tickets to a local Christmas concert awhile back. Thinking his "junk drawer" would be the perfect hiding spot, he nonchalantly threw them in there until my birthday rolled around.

The other day while he was away on travel, I told the girls to play quietly in my room while I jumped in the shower. They were doing so good - were so quiet that I even took the time to shave my legs. When I came out, they were running around my closet ripping what I thought were fake ski tickets. Don't ask me why I thought what I thought - I just did. Well, finally I decided to investigate a bit further. I asked to look at Paloma's findings in which she proudly handed them over. It didn't take me long to realize my children were in the process of destroying $50.00 concert tickets. Eeeeks. I pulled the tickets out of both of their hands and immediately emailed my husband. Busted. He was only days away from pulling off my birthday surprise night out. Of all the interesting things that reside in David's junk drawer, my children were amused by our concert tickets.
Luckily, I intervened before any real damage was done.

Fast forward a couple days. I was heading into the computer room to do some blogging. David had been using the computer before me and left his screen open - which isn't uncommon. Usually work stuff and so I'm used to saving and minimizing - except that this time I looked up to see what was hotel information for the night of the Christmas concert. Once again, I confronted my husband about surprise plans for an overnight evening without children. Busted again! He had forgotten to close down his screen.

Doesn't end there. He had forgotten to remove his "to do" list he made this weekend from the car before I got into to do grocery shopping yesterday. Not a big deal except that on his list was "Get Dutch Bros. gift certificates for Heather." Busted - yet again. His face just kind of sank when I asked him if he had picked up those gift certificates for me. Wow - poor guy's surprise just got ruined on all levels. But that did not hinder a fabulous day with my family.

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Hansen Household said...

Man you are so good at uncovering all of your surprises. Happy Birthday when your big day rolls around