Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Fun Continues

And the fun continues.....

Today's fun was none other than ice skating. After running 4 miles this morning, I decided my glutes needed a workout so the kids and I packed up and headed to the ice skating rink - met some friends, talked, exercised, ran off some energy, and enjoyed another leisurely spring break afternoon.

The girls have ice skated before and loved it. We must say the local ice arena does not compare to ice skating at Sea World - sigh.....but we had fun nonetheless. What an absolute perfect family affair. We just happened to be missing daddy in the equation. But I will say that we will be heading back soon. It was so fun and such a good way to get exercise. What could be better?

Tomorrow's events - - -REST!

Spring Break Craft Day

Yesterday - Tuesday - we decided to head down to the local watershed where the educators and staff are devoted to providing a fun filled, learning opportunity for the kids over spring break. They have various talks and seminars planned not to mention crafts and activities galore. The girls spent the morning painting with plant based paints.

Paloma was painting with raspberries and blueberries while Mattea stuck mostly with carrots and paprika. How fun is that? The colors were surprisingly very vibrant. The girls then moved into making wind socks, making their own paper, constructing bird

feeders and even making candy buildings with which they got to test out whether or not they were "earthquake proof." Of course the girls didn't really care about the presentation as much as they did about the candy they got to eat off their buildings.

The girls were exhausted at the end the end of the day but came home with some very nice arts and crafts. After a quick jaunt to the gym, the girls and I headed to bed early so that we would be well rested for tomorrow's activity - ice skating! Can't wait for the photo op. Stay tuned....

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the Fun Continues.....

As promised, more spring break fun. Today, the girls and I decided to take in the new Yogi Bear movie at the cheap theater. Oh my goodness, what a ridiculously stupid movie - but the girls laughed and laughed. And, the whole movie seemed very appropriate unlike some of the other movies out there. So tonight, the girls quoted the movie over and over again to their daddy who happened to be working his fanny off today at the office while we got to play and have fun at the theaters (thanks pappa.) Stay tuned for tomorrow's excitement....What is on your spring break schedule?

Just Call Her Brilliant

So my little Paloma has always been a rather "passive" learner. Fighting me every time I pulled out flashcards or a letter book, she seems to rather pick up on learning through other means. I remember one time even believing she was "slow" because she REFUSED to learn. But to our surprise, she is not slow but rather - ummmm - brilliant. No not really. But her preschool teachers have mentioned they expect so much more out of her because she is "so smart" and "so advanced." Yikes. She will read sentences in Mattea's book that Mattea struggles with. She will recite her sister's Bible verses and even finish Mattea's math homework. No joke. The other day as I was working "actively" with Mattea, Paloma was "passively" doing her homework. I gave her a dry erase board and told her to LEARN. She sat down and wrote all of her numbers from 1-10. Just prior to that she wrote the entire alphabet. I have never sat down and worked with her on writing. I just give her a book. If I tried to guide her the way I did with Mattea, she would throw the pencil down in protest. So, I guess we will stick with what works. Not too bad huh?

Kickin' Off Spring Break

Well, our family is officially on Spring Break.
No more early mornings, no more homework - it is nothing but relaxing for a week.

I have an entire week of fun and activities planned for the girls and I. Since our weather won't be nice until the end of the week, we have indoor activities planned for the beginning portion of our vacation.

Saturday night started with a good old hockey game. Dave got free tickets to the game from work so we decided - why not?

The girls loved it - loved the excitement and the food the best. They enjoyed so many snacks. We did that in part so Dave and I could watch the second half of the game in peace. The girls started talking too much so we decided we could gain a few minutes to concentrate on the game if we loaded them up with dippin dots and popcorn. It bought us about 10 min.

Girl shot!

Even at 10 pm, they still had quite a bit of energy. Here's to the beginning of a great week....
Stay tuned, we are getting ready to embark on our next adventure soon.

St. Patty's Day Fun

Who says you have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patricks Day?

Our day consisted of green pancakes, green macaroni, and corned beef and cabbage for supper at Dave's request.

My kids were pooping green for the rest of the week but they sure had fun.