Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty Parlor Play

Today after a kick butt workout at the gym, the girls and I decided to stop at Goodwill. It is by far our new favorite store. The kids love the little toy section and our town has a good, clean store. We had fun, running up and down the aisles with our new baby cart and new cars. Mattea's toy today was a little beauty parlor kit. She got a curling iron, hairdryer, combs, brushes, mirrors, etc. And since creative play has been high on the list of things to do, she couldn't wait to come home and open up her store.

Here she is waiting for her fist customer - which was Paloma.

I'm not sure Paloma is totally sold on the whole idea, but she was a good sport. I was too until the little curling iron got stuck in my hair.

Realizing she could no longer recruit her sister and I for any more trips to the salon, she moved on to her babies. She said she closed shop to take a nap but will reopen when she awakes.


Hansen Household said...

That is so great! What fun toys. I have never ventured into that Good Will before. What store do you guys hit up?

Kim said...

Tell Mattea I would love to make an appointment, but I don't know that I could justify a plane ticket for a new do :-)