Friday, November 7, 2008

Creative Play

These days, Mattea and Paloma can both be found completely immersed in creative play. We have hung up flashcards, coloring, painting, and puzzles for some good old imaginative play. And that is fine with me (because in all truthfulness, flashcards get boring after awhile.)
Today, out of nowhere, Mattea decided to open up a clinic for "sick babies." She always asks me about my "sick babies" at work and the kinds of things I do for them while I'm there. I assume that is where today's events came from.
Before I knew it we had several dolls, bears, and bunnies lined up for flu shots - band aids and all. When I asked what she was doing, she said "I'm not a real Doctor like a Nurse is!"
Turning back to my dishwasher, I chuckled to myself at my daughter's great mind. She is a blessing on all levels. I then decided to head to the clinic myself for a flu shot. I sat down by the not so real doctor who at the time was putting on her princess gloves. I asked what she was doing and she replied, "some kids like to spread germs." Fair enough. This coming from the same child who at her 3 year well child check made sure to point out all of her veins in her body to her pediatrician - just to make sure they were OK?????

She smiled big for the camera after assessing her new sick patient - Loma (Paloma). Paloma didn't mind, she thought getting her temperature taken was a hoot. She didn't feel the same way yesterday when I took her temperature - rectally.

Making sure heart and lungs are sounding OK.

Pictured above is another creative play skit from this week - entitled You Be The Checkout Lady. I bet you can't even begin to guess how many times a day I am asked to be the checkout lady. Mattea loves shopping and paying for things. We have receipts, coupons, and a debit card to enhance the experience. I have now set up her desk as my cash register so at least I can sit down, sip my coffee, and sometimes read a book all at the same time if I'm sneaky enough. Paloma likes shopping as well. When asked where she is going when we see her pushing her shopping cart around, she replies "Old Naveeee." She likes to purchase cookies and her mimi (blanket). Mattea, on the other hand, snatches anything she can find and tries to buy it. When asked if she has enough money to pay for it, she sheepishly shakes her head no and whips out her debit card. Hmmmm

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Kim said...

Looks like a blast! Wish I could play! We were using groceries this week for our writing topic about organization--this looks like more fun :-)