Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here we go again.....

1) I most certainly did not selfishly swipe the vaporizer from my eldest daughter who has been congested and sick with a cold for a week so that I could reap the benefits because she so graciously passed that cold onto me. And then I did not concoct a tale about how I needed it more than she did. Nope - not me.

2) I did inadvertently swipe a multi dose vial of medicine from the hospital and then forget to check my pockets before washing that multi dose vial with my dark colored laundry this weekend. Nothing like a little IV Diphenhydramine to go with your laundry. Nope - not me.

3) My youngest daughter certainly did not pee all over my kitchen floor that I had just got done cleaning minutes before my friend's big 40th birthday party was to begin. And I most certainly did not dab it with a towel and hope no one would notice. I would not be able to bend down and actually scrub the area because the size 2 dress that I was not wearing would certainly not bust at the seams if I was to make one wrong move. Nope - not me.

4) I did not in any way pawn my children off of my husband, pretending not to hear them cry, whimper, moan for mama because I was too miserable to care about anybody but myself this weekend. Of course, I would put my anguish aside and properly care and entertain my children no matter how bad I was feeling. Not

5) Finally, I would not ever in a million years leave my children downstairs to fend for themselves in front of the TV so that I could selfishly blog about NOT ME MONDAY - even though it is very therapeutic and down right liberating. And I did not almost push publish on this post before hearing my youngest daughter screaming "help me Tea" sending me to run downstairs to see her sitting on my kitchen table trying to put a puzzle together and wanting her sister's help. And I did not find her with "pee pants" on top of my kitchen table. Nope - not me.

Anybody else brave enough to air their dirty laundry. I'd love to hear about it.

Also, be sure to stop over at MckMama's blog and read about all the other people who are willing to openly admit to things they "did not" do this week. Thanks for reading.


Kameron said...

Your girls are soooo cute! I hope to add ruffles to my family one day! And God bless you girl for fitting into a size 2 dress!

the byrd family said...

forget about all the things you didn't do...girl, you were wearing a size 2 dress!!! that's impressive! my weight watchers hasn't done that for me yet but i guess you have to actually do it right if you want the results, right?! tell me your secrets to success.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Nice list! great job on the dress! I am not currently ignoring my children to read all the blogs!

Kim said...

I am completely is support of you "pretending" not to hear the kids so you could take care of yourself. I certainly did not leave a 4 page list of chores for my husband as I walzed out of the house waving to my son to go on a shopping trip to get away from them both--nope, not me!