Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ooooh - another edition of Not Me Monday. Stop over to Mck Mama's Blog to check out other stories and tales from this past week.

1) I absolutely did not turn 31 yesterday. That would mostly certainly mean I was getting older - wiser - but older. I don't age. No birthdays for this girl - Nope - Not Me.

2)I most certainly did not weigh myself before and after our fabulous Thanksgiving meal this past Thursday only to be astonished by what the scale results showed. Nope - Not Me.

3)I did not hear the following words come from my daughter last night as I layed in bed with her. "Mattea, do you want to say your prayers?" "No Thank You." Of course, I raise the type of children who are always well behaved, well mannered, and always ready to thank and serve God. Never do MY children have grumpy hearts or are disobedient in any way. No - Not Me or my kids.

4) I would not even think of stripping down to just about nothing only to scrub my master bath this weekend. If I was wearing nice clothes that I'd be afraid to get bleach on, I would of course simply go change into some older clothes and continue to scrub my shower and toilet - never thinking about just removing all my potentially affected clothing. And if I was to strip down to just about nothing to clean my shower, I would never accidentally leave the blinds up in my bedroom which happens to face directly into my neighbors backyard. That would NEVER happen to me. Nope - not to me.

5)I did not present a grumpy heart at church this weekend when I learned my husband and I would have to teach Sunday School on the fly after the girl who was supposed to be covering for us called in sick. I would never immediately think about myself or our family plans but rather graciously accept the invitation to teach and be happy that I was there. (For the record, it did not take me long to snap out of my funk. By the time communion rolled around, I was just fine. I will admit though, at first my selfish flesh came out). Not Me.

6)And finally, I would never, ever, ever think of eating my delicious snicker doodle cake that my husband makes for me every year right out of the pan, never even thinking to reach for a plate. This wonderful and magnificent cake would and should have been shared by all - friends and family. No way would I think about hoarding it to myself and digging in with my fork and two hands within 30 minutes of it being removed from the oven. Nope - Not Me.

I would love for you to play along if you are reading. Head over to Mck Mama's blog and grab the Not Me Monday button. Leave me a comment and let me know if you decided to join in the fun. Also, if you are stopping over from Mck Mama's blog - leave me a comment to say Hi. That allows me to quickly jump on over to your blog to read how your week went. Thanks so much for visiting. Happy Reading.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That cake looks great. I should get the recipe. YOu know, anything that can be eaten w/o a plate sounds good to me!

Kara said...

#4 - way too funny. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Belated Birthday! 31 is a fab age. I've gotten better every year in my 30's (I'm 35 now).

Kara said...

The worst part is that I did not feel bad about eating cookies for breakfast - I just chalked it up to having too much to do.
BTW - that snicker doodle cakes looks pretty good. Maybe you could post the recipe and I will make it for breakfast. ;0)

Beth E. said...

Hi! Came over from MckMama's site to check out your Not Me's.I can so relate to the Sunday school issue. lol

Snickerdoodle cake sounds yummy. I'm gonna be thinking about that one allllll morning! :o)

You have a beautiful family. I've enjoyed your blog.


Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday friend:)
It just seems easier to clean the tub and shower in barely nothing.. in case you get wet:)
That snickerdoodle cake looks delish! you should post the recipe:) U really should!!! Have a great week!!