Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dean - Family of 6

 By a crazy fluke on Facebook, I was reminded today that I still have a blog existing out in cyberspace.  Quite frankly, I had forgotten about it.  I had completely forgotten the countless hours I had spent uploading pictures or documenting precious memories.  Tonight, after I had tucked all the kids away in bed, I poured a glass of wine, finished the dishes and decided to sit down at the computer and scroll through my blog.  Talk about a trip down memory lane.  I am so eternally grateful that I spent all that time blogging.  It was an absolute pleasure for me to read back through the entries that were created back when the Dean family was a family of 4.  
Almost 3 years to the date of my last entry, I chose to log in to my lil book of memories and do some updating.  Crazy what can happen in three years.  Since my last entry, our family has doubled the number of girls that we have, we have moved out of state and began a life outside of Idaho.  Our family has transitioned to public school, started new jobs, lost a dog, made a ton of new friends, and said good bye to others.
It's rather surreal what can happen when we get so entangled in the day to day chaos of life.  Desperately I try my best to hang on to the mundane and savor the minutes.  But if I am honest with myself, most days I'm simply treading water in hopes of staying afloat just one more day.  I nod my head multiple times as the kids try to recount their day minute by minute while I'm trying to cook dinner.  The pan is over flowing with water, the bread is burning in the oven, the chicken is still frozen, and the baby has decided once again to strip down to her diaper and run outside when it is 40 degrees out.  But, yep honey, go ahead and tell me everything that happened from the time the bell rang this morning at 8:30.
Or better yet, the dishes aren't done, there are three loads of laundry waiting to be folded, the baby is still in her pajamas, the coffee has run out and I am desperately wanting to pull it together so that I can get to the gym for at least an hour workout.  It is in the brief moment, my sweet Maranda looks at me with her amazing blue eyes and says "momma, play with me."  Oh, I so wish I could truthfully say that I drop everything, fall to the ground and whisper, "sure honey I'll play with you."  Heck no!  This morning, I looked at her, half asleep still (because the coffee is gone) and said "are you crazy?  Mommy needs to run otherwise I will be grumpy all day. Ok, hurry.  Let's go.  No really, they are closing soon.  Let's go."
A little voice inside of me today whispered "you will never get this day back. Proceed with caution!"
That's my point.  I will never get these days back.  As I scroll through my blog, I am reminded of how much my kids have grown and matured.  I will never get back those wild and crazy days with them when they were little. I am go glad I documented what I did.  My heart smiled as I scrolled through the amazing memories.  My hope is that now with four underfoot, I will be able to stop and spend time documenting this new madness I have created.  Perhaps one day I will look back and not see it as madness but rather blessings.
And for the record.....I did play a ridiculous made up card game with Maranda before leaving for the gym.  I felt bad though because I rushed her through the entire game.  When we came home from the gym, I put the baby down for a nap, cuddled up under the covers and read the same book over and over to her all afternoon - her favorite - Peppa Pig!  She was in heaven and I was redeemed!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me

Can you believe it.  10 years already.  I completely remember my wedding day like it was yesterday.  I pulled out my wedding album, watched my wedding video, and simply relished in the awesomeness of the day.  Not that I went into my marriage thinking it wouldn't last, but the stark reality is 50% of marriages don't last.  I am so proud to say that we are still kickin it and the last decade has been a magnificent journey.  On the morning of my wedding, I remember thinking how glorious the day was, how handsome my husband was, and how in love I was and would always be.  Reality check - I was 24 and slightly giddy and naive.  Not truly realizing the journey that laid before us, I calmly said "I do," kissed my wedded husband and hopped on my carriage and rode away to what I thought would be 'happily ever after.'

Now, don't get me wrong.  I definitely feel like I'm living one big fairytale.  Some days I feel like Cinderella, and other days I feel like the dreaded step sisters.  But through it all, I have a wonderful and amazing man who has supported me, loved me, and placed my needs above his own more times that I can count.  He has given me two beautiful and amazing little girls and a home that is stable, secure, and full of love.  Now, if that doesn't sound like a fairytale worthy of publishing, then I dont' know what is.  We have surely had our fair share of trials and disappointments.  We have had hurt feelings, angry words, loud arguments, and yes - nights where we have slept on the couch.  I must add though - those events have lessened and lessened through the years as we have both learned what our God given roles are in marriage.  As I have gained a few years in experience, I have also gained wisdom and humility.  Both essential for a healthy marriage.

So a very happy anniversary to my wonderful partner of 10 years. May the next 10 be as amazing as the past.  I love you with all my heart.

Wordless Wednesday

Time Flies

Hello everyone.  I an once again trying to reenter blog land.  It has been quite some time but my goal is to get back on and make a better attempt at updating. start things off, the first post is all about school.  Yes, the time had come and it was time to gather up the backpacks, sharpen the pencils and pack away our bathing suits as summer came to a screeching halt.

Mattea was so excited to be heading into second grade this year.  She has a wonderful teacher and is blessed to have her two best friends back in class with her.  I have to say, this year has started out well and I really enjoy her teacher and the classroom.  I am able to help out once a week - although I wish it could be more.  I love watching the interaction of her and her peers.

She is growing up so quickly.  And then there is Miss Paloma.  Such a big girl she is this year.  She found herself at all day kindergarten this year.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would send my baby to all/5 day a week kindergarten - BUT she is loving it and it is working for our family.

It was a rough start for the first couple of weeks, but Miss P is acclimating nicely.
She is slowly meeting friends and learning the way of the land at 'big school.'

Look at those beauties.  If I didnt' have the baby at home, my days would be pretty darn lonely.

I love my little family.  And although we were not quite ready to say good bye to summer, the school year is in full swing.  Whether we are prepared for it or not, a new chapter has only just begun....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wanna Race?

Who can possibly resist the annual Zoo Run?
Not my girls.  They heard about the chance to race around all the animals at the zoo and they said, "Sign me up."

It was a beautiful morning.  My kids were excited, the animals were out, and my husband and I were thrilled about getting a little exercise ourselves.

Of course, both girls did great.  Mattea improved her time since her last race - partly due to the fact that coach Dave was right there encouraging her on the entire time.
I love my little runners and hope they can run alongside us in a 1/2 marathon together some time.
Go girls~

Friday, July 13, 2012

What Do You Think

No.  We are definitely not enjoying ourselves out here.

Mattea Moment

With a margarita in hand, Mattea says to me....

"If you drink that, will you be a happy mommy?"

Me: "Yes sweetie, I will be one happy mommy."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful to have finally arrived on the Oregon coast.

We are thankful that we have someone we trust to watch our sweet baby while we are away.

We are thankful for strong coffee - as it has been an early morning.

We are thankful that our lives have allowed us some time off and we are financially able to spend some concentrated time together.

4th of July Fun

Feeling the need to retreat for a few days, our family packed up the cars, packed up the kids and headed to McCall for an impromptu trip to celebrate our country's freedom.

The girls were ectastic, especially when they learned some friends from school would be up there celebrating as well.

If you can't sense my Paloma's enthusiasm, well, your not looking hard enough.  Ha!  It had actually been a long day and a long drive, but my kids were up for watching the fireworks over the lake from our friend's boat.  It made for a long night but we certainly had fun.

And the following day, we hit up a local pond and the girls had some fun fishing.

Mattea and her friend Payton showing off their trophies.

And who can come to McCall and not stop at the Pancake House for a ridiculously large breakfast.

Paloma was a bit hungry and that is why I only got a half smile from her.

And we finished off the week out on the lake.  Traveling home on Sunday evening, we had about 48 hours to rest and then it was back on the road for our next adventure. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Like Her Daddy

Mattea decided after running with me during my half marathon that she wanted to run a race of her own.  Of course, her father and I supported it and signed up for the Barn Sour 1 Mile Fun Run the following weekend.  We were so excited for her.

Before her big race, Mattea made sure to warm up all those muscles.

I'd say she has some pretty good form.

Finally, my little girl crossed the finish line.  She ran hard for a few minutes then took a nice scenic walk until she caught back up with me and sprinted to the finish.

And finally, the clock. I didn't snap the photo in time, but from the above photo, she finished in less than 12 minutes.  We are so proud of you Mattea.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


We are blessed to call Cole Valley home.

Morning Marathon

It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning.  As you can see from my kitchen windows, it is really early.  I grabbed a quick shower some egg whites and my water bottle and headed out to Julia Davis park to run my 2nd marathon.

It was a great start and I had a great first half. I knew my kids and husband would be waiting for me at mile 6 as evidenced below.  It was such a motivator to keep going - knowing I would see some familiar faces.

(Waiting for mommy.)

The course was amazing - and I knew there was chocolate and champagne waiting for me at the finish line...

These two little cuties joined me for the last leg of my race and helped me over the finish line.  Although it wasn't a stellar finish, I'm so glad my body held up and I was able to run it.  I can confidently say that it is a huge accomplishment for me to even make it to the start line let alone make it to the finish line.  Thanks girls for helping mommy stay motivated.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Making Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day 2012

This year, we decided to head out to the local cemetery and partake in the Memorial Day events.  It was our first year and we weren't quite sure what to expect.  After a 30 minute walk from the car to the top of Veteran's Cemetery, we arrived just in time to watch the band play, the guns salute, and of course the famous fly over.

Our children have been told many stories of their daddy and his service to our country.  They had the opportunity one afternoon to sort through many of David's old Army pictures, medals, awards, and memorabilia.  They were so excited. Mattea was so proud to have her daddy come to school and put on a presentation about how it felt to jump out of airplanes.  We not only came out on this holiday to celebrate out special veteran but to also pay tribute to those individuals who have put their lives on the line or who are currently serving in the US Military.  As many have said, "Freedom isn't free."  We are so thankful for the commitment that has been made on our behalf.

A quick picture with the "pretty ladies" from the Civil War Reenactment group.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer is Here!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Grandma & Grandpa

We are enjoying our long-awaited Christmas present.
Our new trampoline keeps us busy for hours and wears us out for bedtime which makes mom very happy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Paloma's Plug

Spoken from Paloma to David while shopping for my Mother's Day gift:
Paloma: "If we get her M &M's and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, she will be one happy momma."

And I was.  She knows me so well....

Mother's Day

I had an absolutely perfect Mother's Day this year.  It was low key - relaxing - and sunny.  Exactly what I wanted.  The girls worked so hard on their gifts at school and were so proud to give them to me.  I was served egg whites and organic chocolate in  bed that morning.  And then Miss Mattea rationed chocolate out to me all day.  Who could ask for more?  I received flowers, chocolate, hugs, and a whole lot of love.  Thanks family for a wonderful day.  Hoping all my mommy friends were just as appreciated on this special day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Hiding

In the event that you, my dear sweet readers, were wondering where in the heck I have been lately.  One word - sleep deprivation.
Our family has fallen in love and we spend every waking minute hugging, kissing, loving on our sweet little girl.  I also spend every waking minute cleaning up vomit, changing poopy diapers, and doing ooodles and ooodles of laundry.
But I simply wouldn't have it any other way  Ok maybe I would take an extra hour of sleep and a nice bottle of wine.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Lover

Look who has taken a liking to the new baby.


If these two girls don't bring a smile to your face - well then you clearly need glasses.  I was blessed with two amazingly different yet beautiful little girls to whom I thank God for daily!

Jesus Loves Those In Messy Marriages

By Lysa TerKeurst

"But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God." Jeremiah 17:7 (MSG)
I threw the cup of orange juice across the kitchen. It felt good to do something, anything, to release all the surging anger and frustration. And I didn't even mind cleaning the pulpy, sticky mess.
It felt soothing to know how to clean something. I knew how to wipe away this mess. And I liked seeing the mess disappear.

If only my marriage mess could be fixed with soap, water, and a handful of paper towels. If only.
I whispered, God, why does this have to be so hard?
Have you ever been there?

I think many of us have. Whether we're in a really tough marriage or just in a rough patch, marriage can be messy. Hurtful. Lonely. No one ever told me about this side of marriage before I donned the white dress and danced to MC Hammer at the reception.

But after 20 years of learning, growing, and pressing through the messes to see something beautiful form in the midst of it all, here's what I know ...
Jesus loves those in messy marriages.
He loves me and my husband in the midst of it all. Jesus doesn't love the mess of hurt, isolation, and bitterness. Those are things He wants us to work on. But He never stops loving us.


Jesus loves me. And His grace is strong enough to extend His love into every part of me. The good parts of me. The broken parts of me. The ugly parts of me. The bitter parts of me. The loving parts of me. And even the part of me that throws orange juice.

Yes, He loves me.

And Jesus loves my husband. His grace is strong enough to extend His love into every part of Him. The good parts of him. The broken parts of him. The ugly parts of him. The bitter parts of him. The loving parts of him. And even the part of him that looks at me like I'm crazy when I throw orange juice.

Since Jesus loves both of us, He's the best source of help for our marriage. I don't say that without a deep awareness of how stinkin' hard it is to go to Jesus when I'm mad as fire at my husband.
And I certainly don't say it in naive simplicity. Gracious, I know some of you are facing marriage situations that rip your heart into a thousand pieces every day.

But still, I know Jesus is the best source of help.
Honest cries for help lifted up to Jesus will not go unheard. He sees. He knows. He loves. And Jesus will direct you as long as you stick with Him.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 in The Message version reminds us:
But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God. They're like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers—Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season.

So, how do I stick with Jesus? I proclaim I'm sticking with Jesus:
Jesus, I'm sticking with You.
I'm giving You what I don't understand and what I can't fix.
I'm giving You what I don't like about me.
I'm giving You what I don't like about him.
And I'm giving You what I don't like about my marriage.
I'm listening for Your instruction.
I'm positioning myself to go where I'll hear Your truth.
To talk to others who love You and serve You.
And to read wise instruction from good books and most importantly Your Book—the Bible.
And even if it kills me, I'm not throwing any orange juice today. Amen.

Jesus loves those in messy marriages. I should know. Though Art and I have a wonderful marriage now, we can still hit some rough patches now and then.

But you'll be happy to know I haven't thrown any orange juice across the kitchen lately.

Dear Lord, so much of me wants to stick with my anger and frustration. But I'm choosing to stick with You. Today I'm going to hold my temper, hold my tongue and hold Your Truth. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Will Not Lie

These days, I am one tired mama. My energy levels are down, my attitude is down and my mood is in the toilet. Diagnosis: not enough sleep, wine or chocolate. My husband seems to think that it is funny to photograph my narcoleptic events each night. I am not as amused. As you can see, a blanket and pillow await me on the couch each evening. NO amount of coffee is helping these days.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ready - Set - Go!!!!

Our family loves the Easter Season. It comes as such a reminder to us of the wonderful and amazing sacrifice that Christ did for us. His death on the cross allowed myself and my family the opportunity to be forgiven for our sins - the sins that we commit despite our efforts to live good lives. I laugh at times when I ask my kids to think of some of their sins at the end of the day and they confess them in prayers. Occasionally, I hear Paloma say "but I didn't do anything wrong today." No matter how hard we try, we do something wrong every day.

To kickoff the Easter Season, our church holds the annual Easter egg hunt. Thousands of eggs are stuffed with yummy candy and dropped into a big field - waiting for all the little kids and their Easter baskets to run out and scoop them up in a matter of minutes. Our family loves the hunt - we stuff a ton of eggs as a family and then head out Saturday night and collect as a family.
We had beautiful weather this year and thoroughly look forward to next year's festivities. Praise God for another glorious holiday. He is risen indeed!