Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Your looking a little droopy"

Oh the numerous ways I could start off this blog post.........

Actually, I will keep it clean and clarify that that particular statement is one that I use when I am talking to my very best philodendron. Yes, I have a very special plant that I love watering, nurturing, and talking to. It sits in my kitchen and thrives off the sunlight streaming in from my kitchen windows. When I left Albuquerque, I was forced to leave some of my very best plants behind - why? Well, Dave drove here with two dogs, a vacuum cleaner, and some necessities. No room for plants. And me, I jumped on an airplane with a carry on, two car seats, a stroller and two toddlers. No room for plants. Saddened and heart broken, I entrusted my plants to some good friends.

But that was kind of a turning point, I started anew here. Finding new pots, new soil, the right plants. I replanted and started fresh. But I'm not always successful in my plant potting ventures. I've killed many a plant in my day. Every 6 or so I get lucky, manage to keep one alive long enough to establish roots, and thrive if given the bare necessities. Well, I looked up yesterday to my dear plant only to find that I hadn't watered it since arriving back from Christmas vacation - she was looking a little droopy. Goodness, can't imagine why I haven't been paying more attention to that. I only have 2 school age kids, a husband, 2 dogs, a home, a job, a church, friends, and laundry to keep track of. I couldn't for the life of me remember why I hadn't penciled in time to take care of my plant.

Nonetheless, I dropped everything, grabbed the watering can and gave my sweet plant a drink. I waited. I waited some more. 10 min had gone by and it still looked droopy. 2 hours had gone by and it still looked droopy. I then got busy and once again forgot about my plant, until this morning. Eating breakfast with the girls I looked up and saw that my plant had perked up. It looked greener, healthier, vibrant. The leaves were pointing up and I was happy. Yahoo, a little water saved the day. And then I got to thinking.......

How much are our lives and our children's lives much like my plant. Think for a moment about the relationship with your spouse. If you don't take the time and energy to "water" their spirit or "fertilize" their soul, what is that person going to start looking like. Yes, I know that we get busy and time can get away from us, but our spouse will continue to need those basic essentials to continue on in a healthy & happy relationship. Think about the results that can occur if we put all things aside and provide a little TLC. We may not see results immediately but given a bit of time, we will see a thriving, healthy, happy looking person.

Same concept applies to our children. How often do we get caught up in the daily grind, thinking about the next thing on our to do list or the next load of laundry to be folded. We don't stop to provide that little bit of TLC. Our children may not hear an "I love you" or an "I am proud of you" or "Good job." They began to wither, droop if you must. They begin to take on an unpleasant appearance. But all it takes is a bit of intention on our part and voila!!!! - transformation occurs. If you think I'm joking, I challenge you to put aside all negativity and shower your spouse or child with nothing but compliments and see what happens. The child you once thought was becoming a discipline problem will be transformed into a healthier and happier individual. BUT, it does take a bit of work and grooming on our part. Although at times it is not convenient to stop what we are doing, grab the watering can, grab the chair, climb up on the counter and give the plant some water - it is well worth it in the end when you have a beautiful flowering plant. Same thing with the relationships in our lives. It is not always convenient to stop what we are doing, provide praise and encouragement, dish out compliments, listen, and love intentionally. BUT it is well worth it in the end when we have a beautiful flowering individual. Think about it for a moment......

I know that I have killed plenty of plants in my lifetime, and I probably will kill a few more. But, it is definitely time to start taking care of the ones I have living right now!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Go Upward - Let's Go!

Well here we are - the first week of cheerleading is now complete. The girls had their very first practice on Thursday evening and an all morning cheer clinic on Sat. And, surprisingly enough, everyone survived. I won't lie and say that there wasn't a little bit of anxiety involved going into this week. But, I think our squad is made up of a great group of girls whom I am excited to get to know better.

After a total underestimation of our squad, the girls proved us wrong and went out on Saturday putting on a stellar performance for the parents. Great job girls, lets see where the season leads us....

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Well, as promised, a few pictures of Paloma's big day. Or should I say big week, or perhaps big month. Man, it seems as if we have been celebrating P's birthday for the last month. As you all may know, she is my New Years Eve baby. And because we were gone for Christmas, we literally celebrated Christmas and her "real birthday" within a 24 hour period. Then she celebrated at school with her class in which she got some fancy shmancy cupcakes. Then, 4 days later she celebrates with friends at her birthday party. I'm thinking I'll adapt her methods next year and have a week long celebration.
Nonetheless, it was fun. We decided to invite a few friends over to the community center and make stuffed animals. I had found a woman at a community event this summer that comes to your home and literally has a "build a bear" party similar to that at the Build a Bear store. I decided to try her out and allow Paloma and all her little friends to pick out, stuff, and name their own animal.

But before all the fun festivities could occur, we enjoyed lunch and cupcakes.

Let the stuffing begin.....

The girls were all given a star in which they made a wish and stuffed in their animals. Then the adults helped seal them up.

A group shot of the girls and their animals. How sweet are they?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Baby Turns 4

Well, as much as I look forward to ringing in the New Year each year, I am always a bit saddened as well. It not only means the ending of year but the fresh new beginning of another. It also means that my sweet baby girl - Paloma - turns 1 year older. This year, my sweet child turned 4.

What a bright and funny little girl she has blossomed into. She has come such a long way in these past few years. Her dad and I are very proud of her. Currently, she is enrolled in preschool at the Children's Academy. It was a rough start but I think now she is loving it. She has made a very special friend named Jessie, whom she absolutely adores. She loves her teachers - Mrs. Mayer and Miss Barbara. She loves the learning and the craft time. She has begun writing her name, sounding our words from her sister's reading books, and memorizing scripture.

This year's celebration including recovering from an extended stay in San Francisco's airport, a very special breakfast, lots of presents, and a movie with the family.

Paloma is a very lucky little girl and is surrounded by people who love and adore her. She received so many presents from family that she is not quite sure who or what to begin playing with first. So far, she is loving all over her new American Girl Doll - Kirsten, and coloring all of the crafts she got from Grandma T. Since she informed us that she wanted to start reading, we purchased her the Leap From Tag system which she is enjoying as well. Paloma will celebrate her birthday with all of her friends this upcoming Friday (which of course there will be pictures to follow.)

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are such a blessing and a joy. You keep your daddy and I on our toes. You challenge us, defy us, and even hit us (as was the case last night when she thought she was giving me a love pat but rather ended up giving me a left hook.) You fill our days with laughter and joy and we simply can't imagine life without you. You entered our lives with a bang and quite frankly child, you haven't stopped making that sweet music. We are in awe of your beauty (and of course those cute little curls you have.) God's miracle is before us. We love you to pieces and wish you the best in the upcoming year. Many kisses.
Love, Mom & Dad