Friday, November 7, 2008

Mattea Moments

A few memorable moments from my little Mattea this morning...

*I received a picture from my sister of my two girls posing with their cousin. It was a cute photo and I told them they could place the photo where they desired. Today we rearranged our photos and in doing so, Mattea asked if that was her brother. I said no and proceeded to explain that any little boy who would be her brother would have to come from mommy. She then looked up and me and said
"Mommy, we don't neeeeed a brother."
My response (in my mind of course) "Your father and I would definitely agree with you."

*Paloma has been in panties all morning with no accidents. While dumping one of her "potty experiences," Mattea abruptly stopped playing, looked up at me and said
"Mom, are you wasting water?"
I responded, "No, I'm just flushing the potty."
Mattea - "Oh, good, I thought you were wasting water."
My response (in my head of course) "Excuse me water police, mind your own business - you waste water on a daily basis every time you wash your hands and it becomes a 15 minute ordeal." Instead I was polite.

*Both children enjoy wearing pajamas to bed for naptime every day. As I was changing Paloma into her nightgown, Mattea rushed in wearing her "princess jammies." She then proclaimed rather loudly
"Look how cute I am, I'm just a princess." Indeed you are my sweet daughter.

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Kim said...

I think a nephew is a splendid idea!!!