Friday, November 7, 2008

Heather, Heather, Heather

Quick post...

Mattea, like most kids her age I imagine, latches on to something and becomes absolutely obsessed with it until she moves on to the next item of interest. For the past two days, she has been OBSESSED with calling me by my name. She has gone through this phase before when we were just starting to learn our names and addresses. I don't think my mom thought it was very funny when she witnessed it, but I tend to laugh my little heart out over it. It is quite humorous to hear her in a store say "Heather, can we get this cereal?"
What isn't funny though is the past two days. My child just won't let it go. It is "Heather, I would like a snack please" or "Heather, I need a tissue." Better yet, "Heather, I'm going potty" or "Heather, are you going potty?" Today she gave me a headache. This morning I kept track of how many times my name was used within a 30 minute window. Any guesses? 46 times. She said my name 46 times in 30 minutes. Let me tell you how annoying that was. I finally had to say something to her - gently without hurting her feelings of course. Kind of glad I am off to work tomorrow. That way she can move on to David, David, David, David.


Kim said...

The injustice of it all is this--she probably won't do it to Dave!

MerrandaVK said...

I have been so short on time lately, but I am SO loving your blog, my friend!!!! Keep it going, I just love reading about your life.

I have so many comments I want to make, but I do need to get the pile of dishes caught up here and the laundry folded while the 2 younger sleep and before I have to go get Justin in an hour.

Anonymous said...

Alberto and Marie (mostly Marie) think it is funny to call me Debbie...when I do not respond Marie calls me Mommy Debbie...when she is asleep I have to is just too darn cute!!!