Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boring Old Post That Would Interest Nobody Unless You Are Family

Here are just a few random pictures from the girls' Fall Harvest Parties on Friday.

It was a little challenging this year since they decided to have them on the same day. I was definitely torn between whose class party to attend, and where I should help. I have never been in this situation before.

Paloma sporting a good smile the morning of. I made sure to snap a few pics before the party for I knew once all the treats started coming out, my girls would inevitably wind up messy.

I chose to focus in on Paloma's class since I had assisted with Mattea's parties for the last two years. I did sneak away and head upstairs to see what was happening in the kindergarten class. Mattea looked like she was doing fine. Here Paloma is enjoying some wonderfully sugary snacks - and some carrots and cheese stick too.

Like I said, she seemed to be doing just fine. Next up Thanksgiving Feast. And then the fun really begins.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Frolic

It's Fall ~ and we are embracing the change.

What a glorious time of year......
Although the pile of leaves was small, the laughs and giggles were not.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big News!

I am so proud to say.....Mattea has finally mastered the 2 wheeler!!!

A huge shout of congratulations to my little Matty. This has been a huge accomplishment that we have been working towards for quite some time. This past week it finally clicked. She has got it. She no longer needs us to start or stop her. She puts on her helmet and rides.

For anyone who knows Matty, concentration has been a big problem. Her little head wanders and that makes it hard to grasp the concept of balance. In fact, she has run into mailboxes before on her bike with training wheels. Now, this problem is not solved. Just this past Saturday, Matty was cruising along feeling like a big girl - turned to watch some activity in the park - and rode right into our light post in the front lawn sending her flying over her handlebars. Luckily, no major injuries occurred. But, I'm a mommy who believes in learning the hard ways. Too many spills and she'll realize she needs to pay attention.

But nonetheless - we are proud of you sweet pea!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oh what a sweet word. Innocence. I remember bringing my girls home from the hospital, looking intently into their eyes and wondering how on earth anything good be so innocent and precious. Unjaded by this world, naive to bitterness and evil around them. Completely and one hundred percent innocent - that is until they turned 2.

Tonight as I bathed the girls, I had one of those AHA moments. You know, the ones where you catch a glimpse of a totally spontaneous moment and it triggers a bigger, more abstract thought process. That was me - tonight - as I gave my two tired little girls a bath.

There were running around completely naked, carefree, as I filled the bathtub. Mattea, at one point, picked up a book and began reading to her sister - in the buff. And then I catch Paloma come streaking through the bathroom, butt naked herself, carrying a purse and wearing high heels. They were so nonchalant, so not aware of their surroundings. They were caught in the moment and didn't care about much else than that. How awesome to have that kind of freedom. How often do we just run around the house naked - carefree - unashamed of ourselves, our bodies, our flaws. And how often do we come streaking through the bathroom naked in high heels?

My kids had no concept of shame. They just simply were being themselves. I'm sure they would have felt slightly different if it were dad instead of me - but not too different. They are pretty comfortable with themselves. They have no reason not to be. They are still innocent. Sure they have their moments of "privacy" but for the most part they are just coasting through life with that short lived sense of innocence. As I stopped for a moment to take the scene in, I was brought back to the innocence that Adam and Eve enjoyed before the Fall. How beautiful to live life carefree and at peace . These days we run through life ashamed, humiliated by either past/present sin or secret lies that we hide away hoping to never have uncovered. We have lost our sense of innocence. But as we are reminded in the Bible, Jesus commands us to be like children. We are to see life through the eyes of a child - which is so hard to do on some days. But when I see my kids laughing and giggling while running through my house naked, talking and reading without a care in the world, I am in a brief instance reminded of their innocence and how quickly it will fade.

It will not be long before the evil of this world sets in and takes hold of my children's minds and of their hearts. Their innocence will be lost - I dread the day when that comes - when they hear inappropriate talk, see inappropriate scenes on TV, or speak inappropriately. My prayer is that God will protect them for as long as possible and keep them innocent for many days to come.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stanley, Lanley

I have gotten a little behind but definitely wanted to take a minute to share a few photos of our "girls only getaway" to Stanley a couple of weeks ago.

We didn't do anything all that spectacular - but to the kids it was an amazing weekend. We stayed in this really old cabin - but to the girls it was a castle. I was a bit unimpressed but they thought it was a hoot. Who was I to rain on their parade.


Daddy was a few miles away hunting and so the girls and I packed up after school and made the drive to the mountains.
The weather was amazing and so cooperative. We played by the water - skipping rocks and swinging in the swing - which was Mattea's favorite.

We drove in to Hailey on Saturday and played in their park, got some coffee, and drove back to Stanley to meet daddy - who took a hiatus from hunting to come visit.

Overall, it was a good getaway. I was away from all the pressures of cooking, housework, yard work, and laundry and could simply enjoy my kids for who and what they were. Although sleep was minimal that weekend - fun was not!

Happy Hair Combing

Ahhhh, so this is what happens when I let Mattea do her sister's hair......Nice one!

Just For Fun Friday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Party At The Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here and we are taking it all in. Although I know that fall signals winter (which I loathe,) I do enjoy the cooler weather, changing leaves, and of course - the pumpkin patch. I was fortunate to have the girls' pumpkin patch field trip on the same day - which was today! The weather started out chilly but warmed up to over 70 degrees. It was perfect.

Both girls were excited as if you couldn't tell. We joined the rest of the kindergarten class for a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to find the "perfect pumpkin."

Paloma found hers (within about 3.5 seconds.) This little girl is so impulsive but it is nice since Mattea is so indecisive. I think we would still be there trying to find the "bestest" one if it was up to Mattea.

But you have to love her anyways - she is such a sweetheart.

It would have been absolutely stupendous if daddy could have been there to join in the fun - but unfortunately someone has to pay the bills right? David is headed off to the woods this weekend so the girls and I are thinking we may just have to visit the other pumpkin patch in town. I simply can't get enough.

You Take my Breath Away

Paloma is blossoming into such a beautiful and stunning young lady. She is an absolute gem. It is photos like these that take my breath away....

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mishaps

Well, we have certainly had some interesting stories to tell around here at our house lately. Because I'm finally getting around to telling them, I'm hoping I haven't lost the details that make each story unique.
To begin......
Last night was a night that was very much anticipated. After being away from the comforts of our own house, own beds, own pillows, etc... the girls and I were definitely looking forward to crawling into bed and falling fast asleep. Dave was too of course since he spent a night in the woods in a tent, a night in the car.... As Dave was turning in and closing off the lights, I remember saying to him "Honey, leave the door open. One of the girls is sure to come in tonight." Call it mother's intuition. He said, "no, they are sleeping soundly in their beds. They'll be asleep until morning."
Wrong! Paloma came trotting into our room around 2 am. "Mommy, mommy. It is dark in here. The stairs are so dark. " Me: "Paloma, yes it is very dark in the house. It is nighttime. You are supposed to be sleeping. Why are you wondering around on the stairs anyways?"
Paloma: "Don't you remember, you told me to feed Mr. Kody?"

Yes - Paloma I did tell you to feed Mr. Kody. I'm glad that you are remembering to do your chores but I did ask you to do that like 6 hours ago, I don't know, when it was dinner time perhaps. Silly girl!

So I tucked her safely back into her bed, told her to feed the dogs in the morning, and crossed my fingers nobody else would awaken before the sun came up.

The other story comes to a few days late as previously mentioned. Allow me to preface the story by saying that it is not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning and find David sleeping in some other portions of the house. I go to bed with him but don't always awaken with him. He had horrible insomnia and wakes up several times throughout the night, migrating to different locations quite frequently. Well, on this particular morning that I woke to the blaring alarm, I remember going to bed with David. I remember cuddling up and saying goodnight. But when I awoke, I was not laying next to David, I was laying next to a little Paloma. As I rushed to shut the alarm off and save her another couple hours of sleep, I realized my back was a bit wet. Not thinking much of it, I grabbed my shirt and realized I was drenched. Since I am certainly not nursing any babies right now, I was baffled at what I could be feeling. Then I realized not only was my shirt wet, so were my pants, the sheets, the comforter, etc.....And then it hit me. I was totally drenched in my daughter's pee. Yes, Paloma had crawled into my bed and peed all over it. And not just wet the bed, she drowned the bed. And me. Trying hard not to be disgusted, I stripped down to just about nothing, ran downstairs to wake David (who by the way was wondering why I was running around naked at 5 am) and then dauntingly woke Paloma up and drug her out of bed. She was so sorry and apologized profusely. (She never wets the bed.) And so it goes....One more story in my ever growing book of mothers tales.

Weekend Away

What did you do this weekend? I'll tell you what we did if you tell me what you did......

Hint: My plans involved mountains, fresh air, nature, rocks, 90 degree weather, shorts, elk, cabins, and a whole lot of time with two of the most beautiful girls around.

Sneak Peak

Here is a brief look at the girls' new room. We decided to bunk them up several months ago in hopes of 1)creating a strong sisterly bond & 2)Paloma would sleep through the night if she knew her sister was in the same room.
Well, we trialed it for several months. Using their old beds, we just finagled a room and stuck them both in it - stripping it of toys and books and creating a "new" toy room upstairs. After the great debate, we decided it was working - both girls were sleeping good and the situation seemed to be working out as we had planned. Praise God!
We then decided to make the bunk bed purchase. Yahoo, the girls love it but mom hates it. Well, I don't really but it is stinkin darn hard changing sheets on a bunk bed - especially for someone who is vertically challenged. Nonetheless, it is working. I'm in the process of converting Mattea's room into Mattea's/Paloma's room. So I'll have a few more pictures in a few weeks but I thought I would sneak a peak in now. Do you like?