Sunday, August 28, 2011


H - happy (but I can be kind of moody), healthy (except those times when I eat ice cream for dinner, hardworking (it is a trait I learned from my father), hot dog roaster (Yes, after giving up the disgusting food for quite some time, with my children around, I have been known to roast a hot dog a time or two during a family camping trip. I may add that I only eat turkey hot dogs though....)

E -enthusiastic (if there is a cause that I am passionate about, I jump in with both feet), energetic (I am an "on the go" kind of gal. I love staying busy. I have been known to do chores well into the wee hours of the morning), empathetic (I would definitely say that I am an empathetic person - I'm sure my kids would not always agree with that comment though....), Eggo Waffles (one of my all time favorite foods. I eat them daily and could literally survive on a deserted island if I had plenty of Eggo waffles with me)

A -anxious (though I am working on turning my anxieties over to Christ, I am still a high strung, anxiety prone person), ambitious (I have never been satisfied with the status quo. I strive to be the best that I can be. For many years, my ambition was centered around my career and becoming the best nurse I could possibly be. Now my roles have changed, and my ambition lies in becoming the best wife and mother God will allow me to be), auburn (No not really. By nature, I have a rather thick brown head of hair. But before shaving it in March of 2010, I couldn't for the life of me remember what my natural hair color was. I had relied on the bottle for far too long)

T -talkative (but I am really striving to become a better listener), tall(I am not. In fact, I am only 5 feet 2), terrible cook (I want so badly to become Betty Crocker but this trait I do not possess), tired(although I may report being an energetic person, I live my life in a state of "tiredness"), thankful (I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little girls. I truly try and thank God daily for those blessings in my life), thoughtful (I do my best to try and remember every birthday and anniversary from friends and family. I have a systematic way of doing this - but of course it fails every once and awhile. I love being able to send out birthday cards to the children of my friends - some whom have never met me. They receive a birthday card yearly from a crazy lady in Idaho whom they have never met in their life. Kind of like receiving a letter from Santa Clause)

H - Heart healthy (I am so passionate about remaining fit and keeping this one and only body in the best shape possible. I have very good cholesterol numbers may I add), H (the name in which David now calls me. Not Heather, lovey, or wifey. Just H),

E -exercise aholic(I love working out - I am a better mother and wife when I get my endorphin rush for the day), excited (I have always been a Christmas present snooper. I hate having to "wait" until Christmas morning. I love opening presents and I'm much to excited to have to wait so I end up finding my presents before they even make it under the tree), elaborate (over the top might be a better phrase. It is all about the details. Whether you are throwing a lovely party for adult friends or a tea party for all the best dolls, the fun is in the details. Sometimes it is Ok to go over the top), evolutionist (That I am not. I believe in God the Father. I believe in Jesus, and I believe He died on a cross so that I would be forgiven for my sins. I, under no circumstances, believe I evolved from monkeys)

R -runner(I took up running to impress my husband - crazy huh? I don't really like it but I have now found myself addicted. It's as if I can't stop), rewinder (I have a tendency to "rewind" life over and over again. I play out conversations over and over again. Although I tend to live life without regrets, I do find myself replaying life), remote relative (Both Dave and I live rather far from our families which poses a problem sometimes. When we graduated college 10 years ago, we packed a U haul and headed south to New Mexico - not knowing a single soul. After having two children, we realized Idaho would be a better fit for us - so here we are. Our family remains thousands of miles away), rambler (I found myself annoyed with my oldest daughter when she would come home from school and give me a play by play account of everything that had happened that day. Ummm, the reason I'm so annoyed is because I do the same darn thing. I love providing details and making stories that were meant to last 2 min last 22 minutes. For some reason, I'm obsessed with details)

And this is me in a nutshell - an overview - if you must - for all of my new readers. I'm sure I could sit here for another 2 hours coming up with descriptions of me and who I have evolved in over the years - but I won't bore you with all those DETAILS. I'll let you read through my blog and fill in the blanks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paloma's Plug

As I see Paloma's little curls come toddling around the corner this AM (rather early I made add):

"Mom, I was so tired, I just haaaad to wake up."

Thinking to myself, hmmmm this kid is weird. Love her to bunches.

Friday, August 26, 2011

We Are All Still Standing

Well, the day has come. My little Mattea grew up before my eyes (I promise, I only blinked for a minute) and on August 18th, we found ourselves getting her ready for the first day of 1st grade. We are blessed enough to have gotten her into a private Christian school and although I felt confident she was going to be in a safe and loving environment, I was beyond nervous about dropping her off in the care of others for more hours in a day than I would be with her.

She was more than excited to go, but of course as her mother, I was not. Selfish huh? Well, as much as I tried to deny it, the day had arrived. Mattea and I had done some school shopping, got a new haircut, received a manicure/pedicure, and packed a lunch and so at approximately 8 am on that Thursday morning, the entire family walked Miss Mattea into school. Because she had not gone to school there for Kindergarten, she didn't know a single soul but was warmly welcomed by a very loving and affectionate teacher - whom Matty took to right away.

Mattea found her desk and began unpacking her "goods." Of course her sister wasn't that far behind, intrigued at everything that was happening. All the children and their parents seemed so nice - making sure to include introductions early. I do hope to get to know some of these great ladies better as the school year progresses.

And as the 1st week came to a close, we had feelings of happiness, frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelmingness. Not just from Mattea - but from me as well. It has definitely been an adjustment sending one child off to school all day. Although I was nervous about it at first, I will totally admit that I'm having a blast hanging out with Paloma 1 on 1. She is such a fun and zany little girl - I have a lot to learn from her. So here is a toast to the new school year. May God use my little girl to how He sees fit and may I remain standing by the time the year is complete.