Monday, June 30, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

My wonderful and creative friend Merranda had a very good idea for spicing up meal time. I was lucky enough to check her blog this morning before running out the door to the park. It is called Muffin Tin Monday. To say the least, it was quick, easy, and the girls loved it. I kept Mattea and Paloma busy stuffing the muffin cups while I prepared the goods. It was a huge success and I believe I'll be washing the pan and repeating the process for supper. A big thanks to Merranda - keep the good ideas coming my friend. If any of you reading decide to try this - please be sure to let me know how it goes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Of My Life


The view from my kitchen window.

Saving It For Later

What is Paloma doing you may ask. Let me explain...The other night during dinner, Paloma apparently was not impressed with the squash that I made her and so she began stuffing it down her dress. I'm not sure if she was saving it for a snack later on that evening or if she was trying to hide it so she wouldn't have to eat it. Either way, Dave and I were appalled. Under normal circumstances we would have definitely disciplined for this type of behavior at the dinner table - but not that night. We sat back and laughed and then of course snapped some pictures.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I think It Is The Wind...

Yesterday afternoon was brilliant. I have been working hard after the kids go to sleep so that I can have free time to myself during nap times. Free time lately has been spent lounging in the sun, sipping my diet coke, watching my veggies grow, and admiring our back yard. Anyways, I'm laying out enjoying the suns magnificent rays when Mattea slams open the patio door and with a look of dishevelment says "Hi Mama!" Oh so cute. She had stinky breath but I couldn't help but give her lots of kisses. We sat down on the lounge chair and began chit chatting. Suddenly we hear a noise - the ice cream truck. Literally Mattea stops mid sentence and begins to search our backyard (as if the ice cream man was magically going to appear in our backyard)
Mattea: With a look of happiness on her face she says "Mama, do you hear that?"

Me: Playing dumb - "Hear what honey"

Mattea: "I think it is the ice cream man"

Me: "I don't hear anything honey" - so hoping the obnoxious sound of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would fade.

Mattea: Continues to look around, trying to process what she was hearing and secretly hoping I hear it too. "I think it is, it is the ice cream man."

Me: "Sorry honey, I don't hear anything"

Mattea: "Oh, I think it is the wind"

Because I didn't want her to think she was going crazy, I told her I was teasing and that I heard the ice cream man too. That is when she proceeds to tell me about how the ice cream man always visits when "my daddy" is here. And how they get ice cream and go to the park. Dang it - I knew it! Life is so much different when kids can start spilling secrets.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blast From The Past - Part 1

Do you recognize this sweet, young couple???? It is Dave and I approximately 7 years ago. This picture was taken shortly after we began courting in the fall of 2008. While I was supposed to be tidying up this evening, I came across a folder file I had of old pictures of the two of us. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share... This was pre-graduation, pre-move to Albuuquerque, pre-career start, pre-marriage, pre-babies, pre-real life living. Oh how fun it is to look back.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sprinkling Of My Work

Here is just a sampling of some other layouts that I had been finishing up. They were the last two to get done before Paloma's book was complete. For the record, her book was finished within the month following her first birthday. I know that my pages are nowhere near some of the samples I have seen on various websites - but I really enjoy doing it and I think that I have improved with each book that I do. A huge thanks to my friend Jill for getting me started three years ago - she literally dragged me to the scrapbook store and said "purchase!"

Scrapbook Time

I love to scrapbook - and this afternoon during nap time, I reserved a chunk of time to catch up on my own scrapbook. Lately my efforts have been set aside for my nephews baby scrapbook that I'm working on for his one year birthday present. But today, I decided I would work on my own. I found this cute paper and accessories for a "sisters" layout. This is what I came up with. Although my pictures make it look a bit distorted, I like the way it turned out. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

A Day At The Park

We don't go far these days without our good friend Elmo.

Of course - this picture was taken by Mattea - not bad I'd say for having the sun in her eyes and I was motion.

Oh how I love these beautiful summer days.


Hey guys - calling all mothers on this one. I need your help. I am looking for some new ideas on what to serve my children for lunch. Seems simple right - throw together a little of this and a little of that - but coming from someone who doesn't cook, it is not that easy. We are always on the go and are in desperate need of some quick, easy, nutritious ideas for our ongoing lunch endeavours. Help me out please - I would love to hear about what you serve your little munchkins for lunch. I can tell you in advance the girls will thank you for your time and effort (as will I)!
Todays menu:
Annies Organic White Cheese Macaroni
Fruit Smoothie
Mom's Black Bean Soup - with crackers to dip (Because of course I wouldn't want to eat lunch right?)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too Cute Tuesday

The Heat Of Summer

This is how us girls spend an amazingly warm summer afternoon - the local splash pad. Cheap, close, and oh so much fun. Paloma loves it!!! And as you can tell, Mattea enjoyed herself as well.

Eat Your Heart Out

I love the day when my little pumpkins get to bite into their first, juicy, butter dripping cob of corn. This weekend marked the first for Paloma. Of course, she had no problem polishing one off. She seemed to like it. I also included the picture that marked this most blessed event for Mattea. Our family loves corn on the cob - but we love watching the mess and splendor that comes with our two children eating it even more. Because of the mess, enjoying corn on the cob is limited to the confines of our own kitchen.

Father's Day

Hoping all you fathers out there had a wonderful weekend this past Father's Day. Our family certainly tried. I'm not sure it was all that relaxing or enjoyable for David who was forced to listen to two screaming, whiny, ornery children just shortly after 8 AM Sun. morning. As the day progressed, the girls did get better. They surprised daddy with two painted pots with new plants for his desk at work.

Both girls decorated a plate for dad which now can be used to serve his favorite desserts.

And dad also got a birdhouse which is what he has been asking for. Mattea was more than happy to head outside and help pour the food in.

Later that evening, we biked over to the local park/splash pad and enjoyed a picnic dinner while the girls got obnoxiously wet. All in all it was a good day. Happy Fathers Day David.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mattea's Work

Here is a recent sampling of Mattea's photos -not too bad I'd say. She still continues to love to take photos and we have been very encouraging of that. She knows how to zoom in and out and most recently she has been working on focus. Dave and I are hoping that by fostering this skill, she will be able to pay her portion of the bills someday.

My Sleeping Beauty

Say Cheese....

At our house, "Say cheese" can have several different meanings. If you hear those words coming out of Mattea's mouth - well you better be ready to smile. If you hear "cheese" sneak out of Paloma's mouth, you better be armed with food. It is oh so evident that we have Wisc. DNA. Wow - we go through a lot of cheese. It is even customary for David to have fresh homemade cheese curds shipped to us every year on my birthday. Spoiled - yes! While the cheese we get now is sure not like the stuff that squeaks in you mouth back home, it is evident that it still tickles Paloma's taste buds.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Computer Time

A super big thanks to my sister Kim for introducing us to a new website for kids - It is really helping Mattea with her letters and numbers. We routinely work on those together but having some special computer time actually breaks up the monotony and provides some added fun and excitement. We also check out They have some fun games and activities. Computer time not only provides Mattea with some good learning experiences, but it also provides me with some much needed quiet time. Technology isn't all bad. Does anyone else have any suggestions for some good, child friendly websites?

Veggie Growin Girl

Hi Y'all - I am having so much fun this year with our new garden. I'm so proud of David for putting it in - the girls and I love to go out each day and watch the progress. Today I was out replanting some plants that we have recently lost due to some recent "rough" weather and noticed some new sprouts. Our strawberries are growing nicely but I noticed that Kody(our dalmatian) has been eating the small berries before they can progress to anything spectacular. We also have some broccoli popping through and it appears as if our tomato plants will soon be producing buds. Yeah! To all of you out there who read my blog - and I know who you are - this is your chance to comment to me! I love comments and I would love to hear from some of you about the progress of your garden. I know I have a lot of farming friends and so this is your big chance. Leave me a message and tell me What is growing in your garden?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Here For You

Tonight as we were getting dinner ready, to no one's surprise, Paloma fell and bumped her head. Luckily not as serious as her previous falls, but nonetheless she began to cry. I scooped her up and tried to comfort her but it was actually her big sister who swooped in and saved the day. She sat down by her sister and began patting her back. It was with the following words that my heart absolutely melted and for that split second in time I stood in complete awe and amazement at the heart of my 3 year old daughter.
Mattea to Paloma: I'm here for you sister. I'll always be here for you.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 9, 2008


Yes - Yes - these two hooligans belong to me. I claim them! I proudly step forward to say "these are my children." I lost the 'Mother of the Year' award many years ago - so to be quite honest, I gave up trying to win a second nomination. Therefore, I find freedom in letting my children look however they may want - gone are the days when my one and only child was perfectly dressed, with matching shoes, hair combed, teeth brushed, diaper cleaned, matching jacket, etc. When my second child entered this world - oooh how life changed. Life for me now is making sure my children are dressed (matching no longer applies), brushing their teeth (not always getting around to mine), diaper on (no longer has to be clean - just need one in place), hair clean (brushing, combing, and styling are optional). I have succumbed to that fact that this is my life and if I must enter the public setting with these two monkeys - I might as well walk proudly instead of trying to run to the next aisle.

Pretty In Pink

After dinner, my little Paloma decided tonight was the night to play dress up. She walked into the kitchen and simply handed me the pink princess dress. We put it on and proceeded to have a wonderful and magical night. The above picture is of Paloma desperately trying to find her dad to show off her new threads.

Of course it didn't take long for Mattea to join in the fun. Here is big sis assisting with makeup.

Paloma thinking she is the prettiest thing to hit the streets since Cinderella.

No princess is complete without a good pair of shoes.

She may look serious, but my little girl was all smiles and giggles as she danced around in her fairy princess outfit. Of course, daddy told her over and over that she was the prettiest little princess ever which did wonders for her little ego.
I was unable to publish all the pictures in this post. Please proceed to the next post for the continuation of Princess Paloma - Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink - Part 2

Princess Mattea!!!

Both of my darling beauties!

This would be the tantrum that Paloma threw when her father and I told her that she had to take her dress off and take a bath. Yep - didn't go over so well! It was a wonderful evening - the girls were adorable.