Sunday, November 2, 2008

Political Post Ahead

Ok - I can't sit back for one more minute. I have to spew. I am not a controversial person - opinionated yes - controversial no. But with the election so close, I must speak my mind. Remember here guys, I am formulating and writing this with absolutely no judgement passed at anyone out there so I would appreciate the same respect for me while you are reading through this. I keep the scripture verse from Matthew on my sidebar for that reason. Judge and be judged. So with that being said, I would love to hear your comments, if written with no judgement passed. I will hold the same respect back for you.

Here goes...
I have a slight problem around election time when it comes to voting for a candidate. Why? I am a Christian, Mother, Wife, Nurse, and tax paying citizen. For that reason, I have many issues that I have to think about when it comes to choosing our next Commander and Chief. Many of our outspoken friends have expressed their choice in voting strictly Repulbican becasue they are Christian. Why? Of course, the huge issue on Abortion. UGh. Hate to bring it up but it is definitely stirring some controversy. I have some very vivid thoughts on this subject - again because I am a Christian but also because I am a nurse. I refuse to write a 10 page post about my thoughts on abortion, BUT I just want to throw some thoughts out there and hear what you have to say.

1) Many people are under the impression that John McCain does not support abortion. That little statement is not quite right. If fact, he does not believe in abortion but will allow abortion to occur in the case of rape, incest, or when a woman's life is at stake. His running mate has taken a stance by saying she absolutely does not support abortion on any level. Food for thought - can we support a person who wavers on interpretation? To me, the issue should be clear cut - either you support it or you are against it. I often think about it in terms of interpreting the Bible. Many people lover to alter and interpret scripture to work around their lifestyle or to support their beliefs. Again, before we get all heated, take a step back to ponder. By supporting McCain, are we voting for a man who will abolish abortion? I am still in limbo.

2) Also, as a Christian body, I completely believe that we should be loving people but hating their sin. In fact, our pastor spoke on this subject today. Jesus embraced sinners - ate with them. We should be doing the same. If we as a body are against abortion, what are we doing besides casting a vote one day out of 4 years that will stop the act. Are we reaching out to women who are confused, alone, scared, broke? Are we opening our homes up to adoption for children who have been saved from abortion. Are we supporting Christian based organizations that allow women educated options. Again, I am not asking you to state your position because I will not be stating mine, I am just asking you to think about a few things before casting your all important vote.

Our pastor mentioned today that as we consider our vote in a few days we should be remembering to bring our Bibles to the polls. Great thought. As I came home and began thinking about it I asked myself the question "Who would Jesus vote for?" Ugh - was that the wrong can of worms to be opening.

To be quite honest, I don't have a single clue of who I will be voting for. When I walk in to vote, I want to be educated and feel at complete peace about who will be leading this country and who will be making decisions that will be directly impacting my children. I don't want to blindly be voting for the person who is the most popular or whom puts on the best front. It is quite difficult. I am torn. I am at a crossroads and am completely split on my thoughts. I welcome your opinions. Again, I did not post with any hidden agenda or to spark people's temper. I genuinely want to hear your thoughts. Help me people!! No amount of research from here on out is going to sway my vote either way - I have now left it up to God. As I pray about this important decision, I invite you to do the same.

Thanks for listening....


Anonymous said...

great post...good questions to ponder...I know God will provide you with the right choices!


Kim said...

I think you know who I have already voted for. I believe that when you are choosing someone for president, you can't just focus on one issue alone. You have to look at all the things they believe. No one person will ever fit with the exact things you believe, but you have to pick the person you believe will make the right decisions and can keep a clear and level head when things start to go wrong. Hope this helps you sort things out a little!