Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here is another addition of Not Me Monday. I'd love to hear how your week went.

1) I most certainly did not encourage Mattea to start wiping her little bum by herself after she goes p___p these last few weeks. Because by doing so, she would be the most uncoordinated when it comes to digging wipes out of the package, holding up her shirt, and talking to her sister at the same time. And, by her being so uncoordinated, she most certainly would not drop the package of wipes into a potty full of p___p only to call out to me to come remedy the problem. I would never dig into a potty full of my child's p___p to dig out an entire package of wipes. Nope - not me.

2) I did not eat a caramel apple for lunch this last week simply becuase I was so busy fixing the children their lunch and cleaning up to think about lunch for myself. Eating food on a stick that you can conveniently carry around from room to room is no excuse for compromising nutrition. I would never think of such a thing - and I most certainly would not eat two instead of one and then call it dessert. AND I would not even dream of trying to justify it in my weight watchers points by calling it my allotted fruit for the day. Nope - not me.

3) I did not let Mattea "borrow" my expensive Littmann stethoscope to assess Elmo's heart and lungs because her cheap plastic one just "doesn't work." Nope - not me.

4) I did not wait until 4 pm on Friday to brush my teeth, take a shower, and change out of pajamas because we were having a 'sick day.' And I did not allow the children to go ALL day without even thinking of combing their hair or changing into clothes - bath time was approaching quickly. Nope - not me.

5) And finally, I did not wash off an entire bag of jelly beans that Mattea spilled all over the kitchen floor after attempting to reward her little sister for going potty. Did I mention those jelly beans did not land on the dirtiest part of the floor and there was NOt a ton of dog hair that stuck to them when we cleaned them up. Even though we were potty training and I had not other treats in the house to use as bribery, I would never think of doing something so downright disgusting. Never. Nope - Not me. (As a side note, Friday was the first day Paloma went all day in underpants with no accidents. I'm sure it had nothing to do with all those disgusting jelly beans she ate.)

And that's a wrap. Now did y'all know why I had a long and interesting week? Here's hoping this week is better than last.... Have a glorious day.


Anonymous said...

Heather, your blog never ceases to not make me smile! #1 on Not Me Monday is just too good for laughs! Thanks for sharing!
The Fengs

MerrandaVK said...

Love it!! I have got to get on this band wagon.

E said...

I was just blog hopping from the MckMama NMM posts and found yours. Enjoyed all the things you DID NOT do this week. =0)

I was laughing!

Emily said...

love your not me mondays!
ur blog and family are adorable! glad I found you thru mckmammas blog! I will be stopping bye more often:) happy day friend!