Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laugh Out Loud Funny

This is going to be a wordy post - but believe me if your endorphins need stimulating, it will be well worth your time.
Last week my husband approached me about playing softball for his company's co-ed team. Anybody who knows me knows that 1) I'm not a sports enthusiast, 2) I'm not athletic, and 3) I'm not competitive. When asked if he would be playing with me, his response was "NO, they just need women." After all of the sacrifices and commitments that my husband has made to me and my family, I hesitantly said YES. In the past I have attempted to take up running as a way of spending time with David. I'm not good at it by any means, but when we could do races together(pre-children days) it was fun. But let me remind you for those who don't know - when I was in cross country in high school, the girl in special olympics would beat me - causing me to lose every single race I participated in. My anxiety arose as each day passed, getting closer and closer to the "big game." I made David purchase a bat and ball and then practice with me this weekend. I think I calculated that it had been at least 18 years since I had played the sport (if not more).
Anyways.... my entire family came out - Dave and the girls. Mattea was too cute as she stood at the gate and yelled "go mama go!" I smiled sheepishly but inside I was sick to my stomach. Why was I so nervous. I did not know these people and I did not work with them - BUT my husband did. And I was so afraid that I would do something stupid and therefore embarrass my husband who would then have to face these people the next day. Hmmmm - should have went with my gut.

The game started and all was good. I think I struck out once and then hit the ball once but didn't quite make it to first base in time. I was in the outfield and so I didn't' have to catch one ball. I thought life was good until I stepped up to the plate for the final time. I managed to hit the ball (which surprised the heck out of me) and headed my hiney off to first base. For some reason this evil voice inside of me said, they won't get you - keep running to second. Apparently they had overthrown the ball at first and I thought I could make it to second. As I rounded the base and made it half way to second, my headed started spinning and I must have tripped or just fell because before I knew it I was on my back rolling toward second. I'm sure both teams were simply staring at me and wondering "What is she doing?" I stood up and continued to run but was obviously out. After getting up, I remember thinking to myself "What did I just do & How is this going to affect my husband's reputation?" Ugh!!! My worst nightmare had come true. I do believe we won in the end but....
Upon entering the house (laughing with David the whole way home) Dave poured me a glass of wine (and then a second and a third) so I could drown out the memory. I was next door in the computer room when Dave was putting Mattea to bed. She must have tripped getting in to his lap because suddenly I heard her say "Oops, I biffed it just like mommy" To say the least, I'm not sure that I will be picking up a bat and a ball anytime soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What is this you may ask - I asked myself the same thing when I unexpectedly walked home during supper time today. I had gotten done with work a bit early (which was nice) but not early enough to make it home to begin supper. Dave was late picking the kids up but said he would "whip something up" and it would be ready by the time I arrived. I knew the children would be tired and cranky and that I would walk into what I call a "dangerous situation." I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to find the kids sitting nicely at the table waiting for supper. Why?? Well... they were patiently waiting for these (see above). Dad's homemade M & M pancakes. I almost wet my pants when I realized this was not a joke but really what my husband was feeding our children for supper. I was a bit taken aback but of course did not verbalize my repulsiveness because Dave does ALL the cooking in our house and I would never want that to change - BUT... M & M pancakes?

Good Night - Sleep Tight

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Saying Grace

The other night, I asked Mattea if she would like to say grace. Big Mistake!! She became quite confused (we normally just ask her if she would like to pray). She began asking a bunch of questions like "What's grace mama?" After giving what I thought was a thorough explanation, Mattea began to pray

Mattea: Dear grace,
Thank you for this food and for my family........
In grace's name I pray

Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm not sure why Dave was so embarrassed to take Mattea out for ice cream this weekend?

Weekend Fun

This weekend was hot! It was great. We have wanted this kind of weather for awhile - and much to our dismay - it came! Since we have been working quite hard for the last couple of weekends, we were supposed to "play" this weekend. Dave still had a million things to do but Sat. afternoon rolled around and the girls and I donned our bathing suits and headed out back to enjoy our new pool.

Paloma didn't like it as much as Mattea and frantically tried to escape every time we put her in.

There she goes again.

But Mattea had a blast - and when the girls are happy - I'm happy. I was able to get a little sun myself, the girls splashed around outside, and David did chores. Sounds like a great weekend huh?

Monday, May 12, 2008

That's What Little Sisters Are Made For

Take a look at what Mattea has convinced her sister to do this time. Paloma thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I thought Mattea would be too heavy for P to push - but evidently that was not the case.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! The Dean family had a great day yesterday. The weather wasn't in complete cooperation so we did not get our for our bike ride/picnic lunch that we had so wanted to do - but nonetheless, it was still a nice day. We were off to church in the morning and thenwhile the girls were napping, Dave and I were finally able to get our garden planted. We planted tomatoes, jalapenos, cauliflower, broccoli, acorn squash, butternut squash, onions, cantaloupe, and peas. Sure hope things grow - our family would be set for the summer. Believe it or not we still have some room for strawberries and watermelon if we so desire. As for the celebration, I was pleasantly surprised by two beautiful hanging baskets - one from each girl (which I've wanted for all of about 5 years now). I also received a "house cleaner" which both Dave and I have not had the luxury of having since Albuquerque. Yeah!!! So all in all it was a good day - I didn't clean, do laundry or cook. It was take out pizza for supper. How could I possibly want more? Hope all you moms out there had a great day and were honored as only a mom should be. Labor enough should deserve flowers every year for the rest of your life - agree???

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Unique One

She definitely marches to the beat of her own little drummer!

Going, Going, Gone

Mattea's hair has been growing and growing - something I had been looking forward to for quite awhile. We can do all kinds of fun things with it BUT recently with summer, swimming, lack of time and patience, it has been starting to look a bit ratty. She has been putting up a fuss every time I sit her down to comb it. And anyone who knows me knows that I don't like dirty, ratty looking kids (and my child was starting to look that way.) I made the executive decision to cut her hair. SCARY!!

So there lay the pile of hair that once adorned my little girl's head.

Not the best of pictures (partly because she was so excited about her new cut that she wouldn't sit still to let me photograph her). But basically it got chopped up to her shoulders and now flairs out at the bottoms. We are still diligently working at growing out her bangs (something I'll never do with Paloma). So finding a cute hair style has been a bit of a challenge. But after being showered with compliments from her number 1 adoring fan (daddy) she now thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank you Jesus

Up until most recently, Dave and I have been using "copy cat prayer" with Mattea before bed - meaning, we say something and ask Mattea to repeat it. Finally realizing you has gotten the hang of it, we now simply encourage her to "talk to God" herself. So we usually start out by saying
"Dear Jesus..." and she finishes up. Tonight she had a long prayer list. This would be the tail end of Mattea's bed time prayer.

Mattea: Thank you for my mommy, daddy, sister, sister, sister, Mattea, Mattea, Mattea, Marie, Mr. Lee, sister, sister, Alberto, Debbie, Mattea, mommy, daddy. I pray for my cough, and sister's cough, and that we'd feel better.
Thank you for my sins.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nurse's Day

A friendly reminder to all of you reading - tomorrow is National Nurse's Day - the kickoff to Nurse's Week. Be sure to thank, hug, buy chocolate for all the special nurse's in your life (kidding about the chocolate thing). I am not simply putting in a plug because I happen to be a nurse. I truly believe it is a one of a kind profession and all nurse's deserve at least one week of recognition. To all of my coworkers, friends, and those have cared for myself and my family - THANK YOU!


This is why we have children right?? Mattea offered to help me and I certainly didn't pass on the opportunity.
For the record - Mattea dressed herself this morning. The Elmo shirt - that has been in the consignment bin at least 2 times already. Somehow she manages to dig it right back out.

And Away She Goes...

There's no stopping her now. Paloma is walking better and better every day.

Weekend Project

Dave and I spent the weekend doing this.... Ugh! It was so beautiful outside and all we did was work. But that is OK - because in the end, we will have a beautiful backyard and an awesome garden. We miss the garden we put in down in Albuquerque and so we couldn't wait to get started on one here. We spent the last two days digging, planting, sodding, cutting, barking, papering, raking, etc. We are going to have vegetables galore. Yeah!!

My Two Little Babies

As I prepared the bath the other night, I turned around to find my girls MIA. I remember stripping both of them down and I remember telling them to go potty. Then - they were gone. I heard giggling from Mattea's room, so I headed down that way. This is what I found. Two cute, naked girls sitting on Mattea's bed reading books and hugging. Actually I think Mattea was trying to hug Paloma, and Paloma was trying to pinch Mattea. Either way, it was too darn cute!