Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Guessing - Updated

Thanks for all the lucky guesses - some of you were correct. With absolutely no prompting from myself, Mattea picked up baby Cassie and said "this is baby Jesus, he's going to the manger." I helped facilitate the story along, but basically Mattea knew what she wanted and how she wanted her skit designed. Please read along below for the complete story of Mary - Mattea - and the baby Jesus.

Ok - for all of the people who stop by my blog - please read! If you are new to my blog, stop by frequently throughout the day, or check in our family every once and awhile, this is a perfect opportunity to say Hi and let me know your out there. Every once and awhile I like to throw a post out there and beg you to take a second and comment. Well today I have the perfect post that is dying for my blog readers to comment on. This morning was a lazy, lay around and play kind of morning. Mattea had a great idea for our creative play portion. Please scroll through the pictures below and guess what in the world my children had me playing. You get one guess and one guess only to try and decipher our photos and decide how we spent the morning. If you absolutely do not want to comment - that's Ok, take a second and simply say HI. Merry Christmas

This is baby Jesus lying in the manger.

This next photo is baby Jesus, the three shepherds lined along the wall and all of the animals gathered in the stable. We had a horse, a sheep, a lamb, a fuzzy bunny in a tutu and a few other animals. I mentioned to Mattea that quite a few animals were around to witness this miraculous birth. She then said, "Yeah the stable was stinky." I said "really, why was it stinky?" Her response "All those animals pooped in it." I guess, technically she is probably right huh?

Mattea then out of the blue asked me "Did Mary have socks on?" I responded by saying, "I sure hope Mary had a pair of socks otherwise her feet may have gotten cold." Even though Mattea had on a pair of socks, she went and got her new boots just in case it was "a little chilly."

Since Mattea's donkey (Mr. Kody) was not cooperating, the baby stroller had to do. I was elected to be Joseph(?) and push Mattea in the stroller from the living room to the manger in the toy room.

Paloma was elected to be one of the wisemen. She picked out one present under the tree to bring to baby Jesus. She liked that of course because she then got a chance to peak at her gift on the long walk to the manger. When she arrived Mattea told her "Melt down, Melt down." Not knowing what her sister was requesting, she simply stood there looking at her with a blank look on her face. "Melt down Loma, the wisemen, melt down." After telling her to simmer down and explain what she meant, we quickly realized she wanted Paloma to kneel down next to the baby.

And there you have it folks. Our family rendition of the Christmas story. Thanks for leaving your thoughts and ideas - or for simply saying HI. If you are stopping by my blog, please continue to leave a comment and say HI. I love delurking.... Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

My guess is playing hospital with babies and sick people, but my Mom has a better guess - hopefully she'll post it! Merry Christmas to all of you and a wonderful holiday season! May you all be happy and healthy in the coming New Year!!
Love you all,
Aunt Michelle

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I'm gonna guess hospital, too. The baby is in the incuabtor and your daughter is in a wheelchair?

Anonymous said...

I think mattea is being Mary and that's Baby Jesus in the basket and the animals are all around giving homage.
Take Care & God Bless, my long distance family, at this Blessed Holiday Season.
Mom & Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Uncle Mike

lirpa said...

Knowing the lessons you teach your girls about Jesus, I am not going to take a guess, but I would tend to agree with the earlier comment about it being baby Jesus and Mattea is Mary.

Merry Christmas
April, Jay & Claire

lirpa said...

I am not going to post a guess of my own, but after reading the other comments, I would agree with Mattea being Mary with Baby Jesus in the crib. You teach your girls all about the real meaning of Christmas so it wouldn't surprise me if that is what you were playing.
Merry Christmas!!
April, Jay & Claire

sharon said...

I thought I wouls be first to guess a navity spontateous for the girls--that is so sweet and it is touching to this old lady that there are children being taught so well in this day and age!! Thank you for helping us all remember the reason for the season!