Monday, December 22, 2008

Mattea's Preschool Party

Having been a bit busy lately, I just now realized I hadn't posted about Mattea's Preschool Christmas party which took place last Thursday. The school is so kind and welcomes family to come and join the festivities - which obviously includes siblings. Paloma was so excited when we told her she would be joining Matty at school for a party. She joined Mattea at the big kids table for refreshments and cookie decorating.

She was then asked to come sit down and join her sister on her carpet for the "Secret Santa" gift exchange. She was so excited, as were all the kids when the gifts started flying. You could hear kids squealing, paper ripping, toys playing. And then when the last gift was past, all you could hear was a not so tiny voice come from a little girl in a pink hat and obnoxiously cute flower pants say "wheres my present?" Honestly, I don't know who that little girl belonged to. Certainly not me, I raised her better than that....

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Kim said...

How sweet that Paloma got to join her big sis for a party! I use the carpet "rectangles" (as my students reminded me!) for our gift exchange.