Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Updated

Now that Wordless Wednesday is complete - I can officially add words.

I just wanted everyone to know about the wonderful and fun outfits our family used for our annual Christmas photo. I wanted so badly to make these pictures formal but the idea of getting everyone "dressed up" just seemed like too much work. That is when I stumbled on my friends blog - Two Little Byrdies.
I got this crazy idea to have these custom matching shirts made for all of us - after getting the OK from Dave that he would in fact wear it. On short notice, I emailed Courtney who immediately said "Yes." After having no sense of direction or even vision from me, Courtney was able to put together a scheme and off to the sewing machine she went. Check this out for the finished product.

The girls love them and feel very fancy when they pick out their "name shirt." So if you are looking for unique, individual, and custom shirts, bags, purses, etc. Miss Courtney has it all. I encourage you to stop over to her blog and at least browse.

Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

What a great picture! You and the girls look beautiful! Where did you get their shirts? Too cute! The Fengs

Kim said...

That is a beautiful picture of the three of you!!!

the byrd family said...

what a great picture! love the funky christmas socks too :)

the byrd family said...

awe, thanks for shout out!! and thanks for the christmas card, i LOVE the picture, the shirts look great on you guys! i ended up making the same shirts for my girls because i liked them so much!!