Monday, December 15, 2008

Date Night

Yeah! Despite blistery cold and icy conditions, Michael W. Smith's bus arrived last night and the concert went on as scheduled. After joking with the crowd about the fact that the truck carrying all of his "stuff" (meaning clothes, CD's, etc) was stuck somewhere in one of the mountain passes, he performed an awesome concert - even if it was in blue jeans and a sweater. I still thought he looked good. It was a wonderful holiday concert and I'm so glad that Dave and I were able to go.

After an enjoyable dinner, we were off to the concert. (Despite a major "wardrobe malfunction" that my waitress failed to point out - I decided to post the picture anyways.) We had a good time and can't wait for date night to return.


Kim said...

I would love to hear about the "wardrobe malfunction" because I think the the two of you look gorgeous! I love your hair and your dress! So glad the two of you got out and enjoyed yourselves--it's about time :-)

nurseheather said...

an obniously blue bra strap that is totally ruining a lovely picture - i tried to photo shop out???