Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Ever Christmas Program

Tonight was Mattea's grand debut on stage in her annual preschool Christmas program. Mattea is a pretty outgoing girl and so I was hoping for an outgoing production. That would not be the case.

Mattea landed the role as "head lamb." Just kidding, there is no such role, but in my heart she was the head lamb. I was excited because she seemed excited.

Well, I give her credit for getting on stage, but she had a major case of stage fright. After completing her duties at the manger, she rejoined her group for songs and scripture. I could tell she was scanning the audience for us. Once she found us and waved, I thought she would loosen up - no such luck. She sat the almost the entire time with her hands in her mouth, sucking on her fingers - which she doesn't do at home. But then she wonders why she has a run of crazy rashes around her mouth???

Anyways, the production was adorable and the teachers did great. These beginning shots are of our little star before the show.

Here are a couple of "action" shots of Mattea performing in the Christmas play. The lighting was poor and so many of the pictures did not turn out. And of course, I forgot to reload a new tape in the video camera and so that did not work out as well as I hoped. Like Dave reminds me though, they'll be plenty more in the days to come.

I will always have the memory though of my daughter being asked the all important question (impromptu) about whether or not she knew who Mary was. Her response "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" on stage in front of everyone. Guess we need to revisit that lesson. Not that we haven't read the Christmas story a bigillion times already this season. One more won't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Good job Mattea! I know that you were the prettiest little lamb on stage last night.

I bet the hot cocoa afterwards really hit the spot.

Uncle Mike

Kim said...

So sorry I missed that! I would have loved to have seen her on the stage doing her thing!! I never would have guessed she would have been stage scared, though!