Saturday, December 13, 2008

Needing 45 Minutes To Yourself?

On one of my many shopping trips to Target, I discovered this $4.00 box of water crayons. My children love to color and my children love to take baths. Didn't take long before I put the two together. That night I went home and let them bathe in our master tub which is two times bigger than their tub. They loved it. I actually laid down on the floor near the tub with my Parenting magazine and flipped through the entire thing before I looked up at the clock and realized it had been 45 minutes and they still hadn't washed their hair or cleaned their body. Amazing! Although it was noisy and wet - I had 45 minutes to myself! Ahhhh! So the above photos were taken the following week after they had some time to practice with their new crayons. I kind of like their artwork. Too bad it vanishes when I scrub the showers.

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Kim said...

Looks like fun! It's good to hear they wash off easily and 45 minutes of "off-duty" time sounds wonderful! I may have to try these when Bennett gets older!