Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting To Know Me - Holiday Edition

So I figured since it is the holiday season, why not take the opportunity to share a few tidbits about myself...

1) Real or fake tree? Oh our little family has always gotten a real tree. Last year we even ventured out into the forest for one (This year I wanted a pretty one). Growing up, we always had a fake tree - absolutely no fun to drag the box upstairs and assemble your tree branch by branch. Despite the dog having an annual accident on it, we will continue the tradition of a real Christmas tree.

2) Favorite Christmas song - Oh Holy Night - Hands down. This is by far my favorite Christmas song and I love when just about any male singer performs it. Although Jewel does a great rendition as well.

3) Believe in Santa Clause? - Nope, and neither do my children.

4) Favorite Christmas Dinner - This is tough because for the longest time it was just Dave and I and we usually made something light and easy. Then when the kids came, we decided we had to take it up a notch. Our family does not eat pork which eliminates the old ham for Christmas. Since Thanksgiving just ended and left us with an additional 15 lbs of turkey, I see no reason to redo the turkey theme. We decided this year to start a tradition of cooking Christmas Dinner from around the world - meaning we would either do Mexican, Italian, Indian, etc. and rotate each year. We still haven't decided which country would be first.

5) Christmas card vs. Christmas letter? I absolutely love doing Christmas letters and I think it has to do with being so far detached from family. It is kind of our way of catching everyone up. I usually sit down after Thanksgiving dinner and begin writing our family letter. I also started a tradition a few years back where I save a copy of our family letter and picture in a binder. That way you can look back each year and be reminded of particular events or memories. It was an idea passed on to me through a coworker.

6) Do you drink eggnog? No - But I think I might try this year.

7) One family tradition..... I started a tradition of giving the children a special pair of pajamas everyone year on Christmas Eve. They open them and then are allowed to wear that special pair to bed that night and into the next day. It isn't a big tradition, but cute nonetheless. A friend of mine got me hooked on that one.

8) Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning - Christmas Eve for sure. Especially right after church. We have been attending the earlier service which allows us time to drive around and look at Christmas lights. We then sit down to a piece of birthday cake and hot chocolate and then the opening begins. The kids get dressed in their new jammies and are off to bed at a relatively early hour. We do save one or two gifts for Christmas morning.

9) What is in your stocking? Nothing usually - Dave and I don't typically exchange gifts.

10) And finally, what is your favorite holiday cookie? This too is difficult because Dave and I don't do a whole lot of holiday baking - BUT I do enjoy eating other people's fudge - say the ladies at work!!!!

Ok so here is a brief look at my take on Christmas. Since this isn't an official "tag" I won't pressure anyone, BUT I would love for Kim, Kelly, Merranda, and Kim H. to play along. If anyone of you reads the post and decides to play along let me know.

Happy Holidays.

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Kim said...

I love this! I will have to come up with one, too! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!