Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me Monday

Are you all ready for another great edition of Not Me Monday? If not, well get ready - because here it comes. Some things are just too good to keep to yourself.

1) I absolutely did not sit down one evening after a long and chaotic day with my children and turn on the TV. While I was NOT sitting on the couch, relaxing and doing nothing, I did not recognize the surge in aroma of our ever so beautiful Christmas tree. I did not sit for a moment taking it all in only to look down and realize that my Dalmatian had peed all over it. I absolutely did not get so mad that I spanked that dog and made him sit outside and shiver the entire time I was not cleaning up dog urine from my great and wonderful tree. On the flip side though - my tree smelled really stinkin good. Nope - not me.

2) I absolutely did not attempt to take my 23 month old potty trained daughter out in public this week for the first time without a pull up on. As an experienced mother (grinning of course) I would have learned my lesson from my first child that venturing out in public with a newly potty trained child (and a young potty trained child) is probably not a good idea. I did not make it through most of my morning only to get to the consignment shop and find a surprise waiting in my daughters coveted Tinkerbell underpants. I did not strip her of her underpants, make her go "commando" through the store, and stuff the rotten ole underpants in my jacket pocket because the thought of throwing away Tinkerbell made her downright irate. Nope - not me.

3) I did not learn my lesson from the above incident and then put my young, newly potty trained daughter in a pull up for a very quick Christmas shopping excursion at Target this week. While waaaaay back in the toy section, we did not happen to be pacing the doll aisle when Paloma - of course - did not say she had to go potty. I absolutely did not encourage her to simply "remember her pull up" because the thought of trekking all the way to the other end of the store for her to go potty was just too much to do at that moment. When she continued to pull on my jacket and tell me she had to go potty, I did not then say to her "mommy will hurry, but just in case - remember your pull up." Oh no - not me!!

4) I absolutely did not stay at work this Saturday when the possibility of going home early arose because I knew it was Dave's weekend with the kids and there was an entire house to be cleaned and laundry to be done. Being the dutiful wife that I am, I would have jumped at the chance, drove home as fast as I could, rolled up my sleeves, and hit the housework with full force and a gigantic smile on my face.

5) Finally, I did not just invite a ton of children over for the annual Christmas Decorating Party. What would I be thinking to invite 20+ children into our home and let them loose with frosting and sprinkles. I would never even contemplate the idea - being the anal, obsessive-compulsive woman that I am. Wait!! I do confess, I did take the liberty of inviting a ton of toddlers and their parents over on Sat. morning for the biggest cookie bash we can possible throw. It will be messy, chaotic, loud, and obnoxious and we couldn't be more pleased. With tons of cookies, lots of frosting and a birthday cake for Jesus - our home will be the place to be bright and early Sat. morning.

Hope y'all play along this week. There are quite a few of you on my blog list that I am sure would make one interesting Not Me Monday. If you play, leave me a comment and let me know. And again, if you stopped over from Mck Mama's blog, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check out your fantastic week.

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Dee said...

LOL about the tinkerbell undies!