Friday, December 5, 2008

Fairytale Friday

Another family picture - I'm slowly rolling them out for you.

So to accompany this photo, I wanted to share a story/thought on my mind that happened this week.

I was fortunate enough to have reconnected on facebook this week with an old boss I had during college. It was so fun to hear how different life has been for both of us since we last worked together almost 9 years ago. We shared bits and pieces of our lives - including the new addition of children. In the closing portion of her message she wrote these words, "I am happy for you, sounds like the fairytale found you."

My initial thought when reading that was, "aaah, the fairytale did find me. I have an amazing husband, a wonderful family, a great house, a rewarding career, a steady income and a relationship with God. Who could ask for more. I guess I am really lucky." After taking some time to really ponder those words, I realized that the fairytale hadn't found me - but rather I found God. I have all those things (which many are material and mean nothing) and so much more because I am simply blessed by my Creator. I deserve nothing! I have made so many mistakes in my past, continue to make mistakes on a daily basis, and am so unworthy of any of God's gifts and blessings. I deserve nothing of what I have but yet graciously accept what I have been given - taking nothing for granted. I am so keenly aware that I could lose it all in a moments notice. Therefore, I try daily to thank God for what has been given to me. I am one humbled and undeserving lady.

I remember at the old church that we attended in Albuquerque, there was this little old man who greeted people weekly at the Sat. night service. He was so sweet and always snuck you a piece of candy when he shook your hand. It is not the candy that I remember so vividly but the words he repeated over and over faithfully every Sat. night. After shaking your hand he would ask you how you were doing. Most times I responded fine, well, occasionally great. When you then turned to him and asked "How are you?" he without hesitation responded "Better than I deserve." Wow! Is that not the truth. I am brought to tears when I think of that sweet little old gentlemen who made such an impact without realizing it simply with the words he spoke. I truly hope to reconnect with him one day. Maybe then I'll find out his name.

Anyways, the point of my rambling post is this. I am not "lucky" by any means. I am an undeserving girl standing before a very deserving King. Deserving of my heart.
The fairytale did not find me - Nope. I just found God!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great insight...I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to call you my friend. Have a great week!


MerrandaVK said...

THOSE PICS ARE SO SO SO CUTE!!!!! I wish I could get Evan to pose for something like that...