Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

Hey everyone - once again another edition of Not Me Monday. I am so excited for the upcoming week. Why? Because what an awesome and joyous celebration we will be experiencing. Christmas! It is such an amazing and miraculous time of year. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. BUT, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy last week. And so here goes, another Not Me Monday.....

1) I absolutely, most certainly, did not leave the house last week (running behind of course) with lipstick smeared all over my face. I was on my way to drop Mattea off at preschool and had inadvertently let the children sleep in. They were way too peaceful for me to disturb them. Well, it then becomes a three ring circus to get myself, two girls, and a baby doll Bella ready and out the door in 35 minutes. I did not think I was the bomb since I had my hair combed, make up on, kids dressed, teeth brushed, kids hair combed, backpack packed, and out the door as regularly scheduled. I would not later find out that the lipstick I rushed to put on in the car without a mirror was somewhat smeared "around" my lips instead of on them. Nope - not me.

2) I did not take a dryer sheet to Mattea's hair in a desperate attempt to calm the fly aways before her Christmas program this week. And if I was to do that, I would do it in the privacy of our home, not in the middle of her classroom with her teacher looking on. Therefore I would not have to endure the weird looks of other parents and the question "Does that really work" from her teacher. And I most certainly would not come to the conclusion that in fact it truly does work and then begin to carry a dryer sheet around in my purse wherever I went. Nope - not me.

3) I did not sneak into the pantry on several occasions this week and grab handfuls of gummy bears from the 15 lb bag that we bought at Costco for Paloma's potty training. After recent events and learning that she can no longer have foods that are made with nuts or processed in facilities that process nuts, we can't let the gummy bears go waste right? (Why gummy bears are processed at a place that processes nuts is beyond me...) But I would not allow my little "almost 2" year old to find me stashed in the pantry shoving handfuls of gummy bears in my mouth only to ask "me want some dummy bears." Ummmmm, sorry sister. Nope - not me.

4) I did not almost eat an entire plate of fudge yesterday at work only to try and rectify today buy attempting to run a marathon on the treadmill. Ummmm - not me.

5) I did not accidentally get my head slammed in the door while reaching into the closet by my 3 year old toddler. She was not trying to help by shutting the door but instead closing (in reality slamming) the door smack on my head. I did not fall to the floor in absolutely agony. My husband did not run over to me, hold me, and ask if everything was OK while tears streamed down my face. I did not take like 10 minutes to compose myself, realize I wasn't seeing stars, stand up, and simply turn to my husband and say "You need to keep her away from me for awhile." I did not yell while she was profusely trying to apologize, but simply walked away upstairs to release all of my anger. Nope - not me.

Here's hoping your week turned out a bit better than mine.
Holiday wishes


All My Monkeys said...

I am NOT totally gonna use the dryer sheet trick (thanks!).

I have NEVER been slightly angry after an innocent accident and need to leave the room or bust.

Good post.

Kim said...

Sounds like another wonderful week in your world :-) Sorry I missed all the excitement! The dryer sheet is good to know--and if I never used that on my son, I would NEVER share that my big sis taught me that!