Friday, October 10, 2008

Winter - What??

So I'm thinking my kids were not that far off when a couple weeks ago they pulled out the winter gear and began playing outside. I secretly think they knew something we didn't know - like winter seems to be on its way. Seriously, today is ridiculously cold - marking the first day we turned on our furnace. As we were driving around tonight drinking chai lattes and commenting on this dreadful weather, I glanced down at the car's thermometer and I watched the temperature drop from 39 to 38 to 37. Really. It is way too early for this. Good thing I made a mad dash to the store the other day to pick up some more winter gear.

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Kim said...

For once since you have moved to a warmer climate I get to brag about how NICE and WARM it has been here in the midwest--it doesn't happen often, so let me enjoy it :-) Ours will be here soon enough!