Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

Oh - I am so willing to give this a try again. If you have time, jump on over to Mck Mama's blog and check out the origination of Not Me Monday. And then - if you get brave, go ahead and do one of your own. I'd love to read some others. Well, here goes nothing.....

*I did not call George Bush a schmuck in the car while driving with my young impressionable three year old, only to have her then ask "mama, whats a schmuck?" Nope - not me.

I did not have to call Poison Control on my 21 month old because I found her walking out of the laundry room with laundry detergent falling out of her mouth. I am the type of mother who watches her children diligently and I would never be the one who turns my back for a minute (to check email) and then put my daughter's life at risk. Nope - not me.

I would never let my youngest run around in a stinky old poopy diaper because she was playing so good with her sister and I was able to finish my Bible Study. I would be the type of mother who would immediately change her knowing that skin breakdown can occur in minutes and that with sensitive skin, she would be a candidate for a diaper rash. Nope - not me.

I would never be the type of person to fall asleep on my husband during our date night with a glass of wine in my hand only to wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a very wet sweatshirt. Nope - not me.

I absolutely under no circumstances would ever give my child ice cream for a snack simply because I wanted a bowl myself and she just happened to have gotten up from her nap early. Instead, I would explain the importance of good nutrition during prime developmental years and proceed to cut up an apple or an orange for her. Nope - not me. (For the record, the ice cream would have been really good and good for me since it was double churn / fat free if I would have eaten it...)

*I would never be the type of person to give my dalmatian a spanking after finding him eating the garbage for the 128, 809 times in a day. I would surely know that my children are watching me and everything I do, they do. Miss Mattea would surely not turn around and then give her dog a spanking after she caught him trying to eat her crayons. Nope - not us.

I would never go to work wearing mismatched socks simply because my 3 year old daughter had curled up next to my husband in bed and I would not want to wake either of them up by turning on the light to find socks that did match. I would most cetainly walk downstairs to grab a flashlight and try to find a pair of socks that did match. AND I would never then try and tell my husband that I did it on purpose when I came home that night to him saying "You didn't really go to work like that?" Nope - not me.

How about you ?


Jennifer Loppnow said...

didn't you know that ice cream is from the 4 food groups? I found ur blog off mckmama's

Kim said...

I surely did not call a crazy driver on the road a dummy with my 9 month old in the car because certainly I need to set a good example and tell him that name calling is wrong (but gosh darn it, he had the yield sign). Nope, that was not me!

MerrandaVK said...

Love it. I am catching up on your blogging. you rock, my friend.

I have to email you one of these days and get you caught up on what is going on in my life. When my injured wrist stops hurting so i can type a decent email.

Sending hugs!

Ashley Griffin said...

i always watch my kids every minute of the day!

Jenn said...

Ice cream is full of calcium and protein. Take a dietitian's word for it, it's good for you. Plus it's nutritional value is not only calcium/protein but great flavors, textures and memories. Remember when your mom let you have a 'treat?'