Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Once again, Thankful Thursday....

1) I am thankful to have survived another long and grueling week without my husband. I almost lost it this afternoon - overcome with stress and exhaustion, one of the children began simply begging for her milk and I could feel myself ready to burst. I took a deep breath and just exclaimed I was doing the best I could and then said "I feel like such a bad mom, but I'm really trying. Are you mad at me?" Mattea looks at me and says "No mommy, I'm not mad, your not a bad mom." She made me feel so much better.

2) I am thankful for double churn Rocky Road ice cream - I hate the calories but binging on bowl after bowl this evening is making my stress go away.

3) I am thankful for a dear friend of mine who invited me out to Carls Jr this morning after a pretty long vent session the other day at the gym. Let's just say that Carls Jr is not the most nutritious thing I could serve my kids BUT they have a large play area for the kids. We were there well over an hour - and I felt so much better afterward.

4) I am thankful for my families health - after participating in the Light the Night walk this evening, I once again realized how truly lucky I am.

5) I am thankful for the recent preschool opening that has just opened up. I have been debating about putting Mattea in preschool - I think she is a smart little girl and not really needing to attend preschool this year BUT was definitely wanting some one on one time with Paloma. When I finally made the decision to enroll, all spots around our town were full. I just drove by a sign today that said this particular preschool was once again enrolling and when I called, the openings are at ideal days and times. We are definitely seriously considering placing Mattea in this preschool.

Of course, this is only an abbreviated list - I could go on. God has been good this week and I'm oh so grateful. How about you. Would anybody like to at least share one thing that you are thankful for this week - OR - if you have a prayer request that you would like to share, please do! Have a blessed week

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Kim said...

I am thankful these days for my friend Angie who listens to me vent about my obnoxious students and who is struggling to have children of her own, always takes a moment to ask me about Bennett.