Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oh I am so sad that I am not able to blog today and probably won't be able to tomorrow either. I am currently getting ready for work after a very long and busy morning. The girls were up extremely early and Mattea started preschool today. Of course, I'll blog about it soon but she had a fabulous morning, was very excited to tell me all about it when I picked her up. Paloma walked around all morning going "Tea all done (gone)." Was super sweet.
We have a big play date scheduled for tomorrow morning and then I'm off to work again tomorrow evening. On Thursday, the girls and I will be heading back out to the pumpkin patch for Mattea's first field trip with her class. We have a busy week ahead of us. I promise to update and "picturize" later.

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Jennifer Loppnow said...

I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I grew up in Ixonia and moved to Watertown back in 1996 and haven't left. I see that you are a ped. nurse, I am going to school for my L.P.N. then I will transfer to the R.N. program after I am done.