Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

*I am so thankful for the elk that David shot this past weekend. What a huge relief to know that our freezer will be stocked with fresh all natural meat this upcoming year. I have come to detest buying store bought meat, and since running out a few months ago, we have been greatly anticipating this "recent kill."

*I am thankful for the plethora of friends that I have come to know and love since moving here 1.5 years ago. I have gotten to know so many fun people at work - who are sharing the same trials as I being a working mother. It is great to hear other women who are supportive of this challenging role. I have also gotten to know quite a few women at church who I have also come to adore. Basically since moving, I just submerged myself in to the culture here and stepped out of the comfort zone I had been hiding in during our duration in Albuquerque. It has paid off and I have gained some amazing friendships.

*I am thankful for the direction in which God is steering our eldest daughter Mattea's heart. We had a great conversation about Jesus and Heaven, not to mention a brief talk on salvation. After explaining the relationship you can have with Jesus if you simply ask, I was really hoping she would pursue and ask to pray. I didn't force but simply sat back and let Jesus do His thing. I watched her ponder the entire conversation and then say - OK mama. Timing is everything. Although today wasn't the AHA moment, it was the perfect stepping stone for further conversations.

*I am thankful for Miss Paloma who is growing into an absolute sweetheart. She was a stinker today - refusing her nap and throwing tantrum after tantrum because of the lack of sleep, but that little girl is 100% sweet. She has blossomed over the last month and is continuing to dazzle us on a daily basis. Today, instead of napping I videotaped her singing her ABC's, counting to 10 in both English and Spanish, and proclaiming her shapes to her dolly Coco. What an amazing little girl.

How about you? Would anyone like to share any recent praises or prayer requests?

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Kim said...

I am thankful for the two companies that notified me of pending charges on my credit card--we estimate nearly $700 worth! Someone was certainly looking out for me today!!