Monday, October 6, 2008

Mattea Moment

This is the conversation that occurred this morning as Dave was trying to get out the door for work.
After kissing the girls good bye...

Mattea: Daddy are you takin' the silver car or the red car?

Dave: The red car

Mattea: Ooh, I hope you drive safe

Dave: Thanks honey, good bye, I love you!
Dave then leaves and as the door shut, Mattea continues...

Mattea: Momma, I just don't want him to crash into any udder (other) cars

My thought - "You know what honey, I don't really want him to crash into any other cars either."

Super sweet - BUT why is my 3 year old worrying about this?


Kim said...

She knows all about what's going on in your house, huh? Isn't it funny--you wonder where those thoughts come from and why they pop up when they do!

lirpa said...

She sure looks like you in this picture. She is beautiful and looks too innocent for such big worries.