Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Me & My Girls

I couldn't help but sneak in a picture of the girls and I. Oh how they are becoming such unique individuals. It is so great to see them grow and develop - watch them evolve daily into their own quirky little selves.

Paloma is a follower - she loves toddling after her big sister. Sometimes getting in the way, sometimes being the perfect playmate. But wherever Mattea is, you'll find little sis not too far behind. She has totally taken an interest in baby dolls and mommies them like no other little girl I have ever seen. She takes them to the potty, changes them, feeds them, and places them in the stroller for numerous walks throughout the day. She is an emotional and sensitive little girl - often times getting her feelings hurt simply by a look or the sound of our voice.

These days, Mattea is becoming quite the little grown up. She loves reading, questioning, learning, memorizing, playing grocery store checkout & library, and changing her doll and bear's diaper at least 10 times a day. She won't be caught dead in dirty clothes, therefore picking several new outfits a day - contributing to the endless loads of laundry that pile up around here. She loves school and also thoroughly enjoys playing (actually bossing) her sister around.

They are becoming the best of friends - and we couldn't be more pleased. There is a bit of cat fighting going on - but that is bound to happen in a house full of females. I have caught Mattea telling her sister that she loves her on more that one occasion and it during those times my heart is official melted. Today was an exception though, when out of her mouth she sputtered "I don't love Loma when she is naughty." Oh the comebacks I had ready - BUT I then had to remind her of God's endless love for us despite our imperfections and 'naughty' behavior and my endless love for them despite their raging tempers, ridiculous tantrums, toileting accidents, and countless messes that I clean up throughout the day. Oh the lessons that are learned throughout the day.

I have had a fabulous morning with my babies (who are now fast asleep in their beds) and I intend to have a fabulous night out tonight with the ladies from work. I am so excited to be having a "Ladies Night Out" with several very fun women that I work with at the hospital. Mostly, I am just tickled that I have an excuse to shave my legs, do my hair, and dress up in something other than yoga pants and workout shorts. Yeah! My fabulous husband has offered to watch the kids as I walk away from bath time and story time to enjoy an evening out of grown up talk and good wine. There will definitely be pics to follow. Blessings to all this glorious Fall Season. I have been a bit of a scrooge when it comes to my blog lately - simply because I am drowning in the sea of life - BUT not to worry, I am regaining my organizational skills and will hopefully be getting back on track in no time. Thanks for continuing to follow.

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MerrandaVK said...

I feel you! I am still trying to get my groove on this fall. Life is sure busy - full and wonderful - but busy!