Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Wrap

This week has kind of gotten away from me. It was a NORMAL week - meaning I did not have to single parent. I guess it threw me off because I certainly haven't stayed on top of things like I should have. Oh well, life happens.

I missed Thankful Thursday - but that doesn't mean I did not have many things to be thankful for - just missed the opportunity to blog about on Thursday and blogging about it on Friday would be cheating. There is always next week.

So, I'll just post the down and dirty events of this week and call it a wrap....

*Mattea is officially enrolled in preschool. It is a Christian based preschool and both her and I are excited for Tuesday which will be her first day. I am so super excited to be having 6 hours a week to spend one and one with Paloma. I'll now be able to catch that girl up to all of her smart little counterparts. I just need time. And Mattea, she will be starting in a class with her friend Logan. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision.

*Paloma - well, every day is closer and closer to the dreaded 2 year birthday. I say that because the "terrible two's" strike at our house. I had one dental assistant tell me once she didn't believe in the terrible two's - that it was all simply the parents fault. Well poop on you sweetheart. I am by far the "strictest" parent around and I still get children plagued with the terrible two's. Currently, she runs around the house saying "No, No, NO NOOOO, no, NOOOOOOOOOO, No, no." See the trend. But in the same breath, you simply ask her to come over to put on her jacket and her response "toming." So sweet but in a sneaky defiant kind of way. We are less than two months away - UGH!

*Dave was home from travel for an entire week - gosh darn it, I had another adult to talk to & drink wine with.

*Yesterday was a sad day as both Mattea and I began pulling out the remnants of the garden. We had a small freeze and the summer squash and cucumber plants did not make it over night. We collected what we could and pulled the rest. Only about 10 minutes into it, Mattea exclaims "this is really hard work mama." My response, "yes, but well worth it." And it was. We can't wait for next year.

*I finished up my final week of working my two 12 hour shifts. I begin my new schedule next week. That then meant the children had their final day at daycare on Wed. Bittersweet as I will tell you daycare has not been all that bad. For those of you with strong opinions (please keep to yourselves). But for us, daycare was fine. The one day a week they went they were able to socialize, learn, play, follow instruction from another adult besides mom..... Bottom line, George Bush has destroyed our economy and the daycare bill was just too much. So something had to go. I'll now be working a 12 hour shift on the weekend (when the babysitting is cheap) and an evening shift during the week. Praise God my husband's job is allowing us to do this.

I am sure there is more to add to this but my eldest has woken up from her nap (30 minutes early I may add) and I try not to blog while the kids are awake. So with an abrupt ending, I offer you our weekly wrap.


Anonymous said...

The problem is not entirely George Bush. The problem is that the house and the senate are both controled by the democrats. Go figure that the president is the scapegoat.

KLRieber said...

If you ever need a nanny in the summer...

MerrandaVK said...

love the "poop on you sweethear"

Anonymous said...

We enrolled Alberto in preschool he goes 2x week and it is the best thing we could have done. Marie will start the beginning of next month and I am counting the days! Miss you!