Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's Lesson

The lesson of the day was creativity & fine motor skills.
Since Mattea is older and her fine motor skills are developed - just in need of a "tune up" - I finally decided to break out the beads I had gotten from a friend of mine. Up until this point, I did not believe Mattea had the patience nor skill to do bead work - but she definitely surprised me. She was so excited and did so good - only getting frustrated once. She made a couple of necklaces and bracelets for her sister and friends.

And while she was busy doing that, Paloma was asked to do block work. While she was busy building and stacking, I managed to throw in a brief lesson on "colors" since this kid's world is either red or pink. So not only was she working on sitting still and manipulating the blocks, she was inadvertently also learning her colors.

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MerrandaVK said...

fun stuff! we've been trying some new things around here too. Ethny LOVES bead work.