Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watcha Doin' Mama?

The other day Mattea caught me staring out the back window. I'm not sure what was going on around me at the time but all I remember is getting caught up in the beauty and simplicity of my backyard. I had a lot on my mind and at that very moment, I was taking peace in watching the birds eat from our new feeder, staring at our garden and admiring all of the hard work Dave and I have done to transform our backyard (still more work to do though). Anyways, Mattea comes up beside me and says

"Watcha doin mama' - Watchin the grass grow?"

My response of course was simply "NO"
But in my head I wanted to respond "No Mattea, mommy doesn't have time to watch the grass grow. I am too busy changing your sisters diarrhea diapers every 15 min, in between that I am having to play nurse to you two silly little girls who magically hurts themselves every hour on the hour, not to mention I am planning for dinner, feeding the dogs, paying some bills, sending anniversary cards, doing laundry, wiping noses, cleaning toys, attempting a shower, and playing mediator between you and your sister. When I am all done doing that I need to clean up the milk your sister spilled on the floor, pick some vegetables from the garden that needs to be weeded, water the lawn, and tend to the front yard flowers that have been ignored for days. When that is completed and your sister's diaper has been changed for the 18th time (yes - true story) - then maybe I can sit down and watch the grass grow.

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