Thursday, July 17, 2008


A huge congratulations to Miss Mattea - today was the day when she was allowed to hit the toy store aisles and buy the doll of her choice for finally staying dry at night. I have recently begun to panic because although Mattea has been potty trained since 20 months, nighttime has always been a struggle. She sleeps so soundly and waking up to use the potty has been the last thing from her mind. Well, the other night Mattea went to her drawer to pull out a pull up and - ooops - mommy had forgot to purchase more. Dave and I turned to each and decided that was our cue to begin night training. In all the books we had read, we had learned you can't really "night train" a child. Well, we decided we would be the first. Anyways, I won't bore you with the details but because Mattea is such a bright, bribeable little girl - we are now staying dry at night!!!

After a whole lot of contemplating at the store - Baby Cassy was chosen as the lucky lady to be taken home with Mattea. She has not put her down since we arrived home and has been careful to tuck her in, give her a pacifier, and feed her without letting Paloma near her. She is a proud girl and we are proud of her!!!

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