Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Picture Blog Tag

Ye haw! I got tagged by my coworker Kim to play Picture Blog Tag - and despite having 1000 things on my TO DO LIST, I dropped everything to play. So here goes. I did shorten it down from 10 pics to 5 though. The only rule was to take a photo of various "things" throughout your house without altering or doctoring them in anyway before shooting. So, here it is.
1) My refrigerator - Rather bare at the moment because we're heading in to the end of the week. We have some of the essentials though - coffee, creamer, ketchup, and a bottle of wine. I'll get to the grocery store eventually.

2) What my kids are doing now - Currently both are napping. This is Mattea camped out in her daddy's tent instead of her bed - Don't ask? If I even attempted to open the door to Paloma's room nap time would be over - so you'll have to trust that she is also sound asleep in dreamland.

3) Favorite room of the house - Hands down - the play room. The kids have so much fun in there and learn so much every day. Even though it is one of the first rooms our guests see as they enter our house, I love it just the same. I read a book once that basically said you have the rest of your life to have a perfectly decorated "dream home" but right now our goal is to make it as kid friendly as possible. So this room could serve a better purpose I'm sure but for now it is our super fun playroom.

4) Your kitchen sink - This is truly no fair BECAUSE you will never, ever, ever come into my house and find any dishes sitting in my sink. I hate that. I will stay up extra late in order for the dishes to be done and the sink scrubbed before turning in for the night. Anal, OCD, Type A - YES!!! But today, of course, the day that I am to be honest, you will in fact find dishes in my sink (but as a side note, after snapping the pic I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned them all up). In my defense though - my housekeeper was unable to come yesterday - bummer!

5) My toilet - Actually my children's toilet. My toilet is not quite as fun. The children's potty is way more interesting & believe it or not more clean. And may I just add - right before nap time Paloma once again used her little potty - as featured above. Yeah Paloma!

So Kim - there you are, an abbreviated version of Blog Tag. I won't officially tag anyone but I would love for any of you out there to do it (ie. Merranda, Kim, Dena, Courtney etc....) Here is the full length list
Refrigerator, Closet, Self Portrait, Favorite Room, Kitchen Sink, Laundry Room, Toilet, What are your kids doing, Dream Vacation & Favorite Shoes
Be sure to let me know if you play along......


MerrandaVK said...

Oh I would love to play!! It might take me a while, because we have such a busy week. tomorrow a playdate, the fair, and taking the kids to gramas, gulp. Thurs heading 4 hours north for hubby's grandpa's funueral. Then off to the zoo the following day when we get back... BUT I WILL TRY TO Play if I get a chance in between!!!
Oh, and I'd love to get Ethny in for a hair cut too :)

ann said...

Hey Heather! That is a fun game. I'd like to do it. Hey I've been meaning to respond to your last note on facebook. I would love to hear more about Paloma and her tempremant (sp?) You said it's been a long 18 mo.? I'm not exactly sure what she's like, so I can't really compare her to Ellie. But Ellie has definitely been our challenge. And still can be, for sure. I have had so many physically, mentally, and emotionally draining days with her. When Luke came along I didn't know a child could be as easy. I was probably also a little more experienced. Anyway, we're excited about a third, but I know it will definitely be a challenge!