Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Update

Our garden has grown completely out of control - and it is nowhere near being done. In fact, it is just starting. Our strawberries unfortunately are taking a bit of a beating in this latest HOT weather we have been having. The squash (all 3 kinds) as you can see in the above picture are taking off. They have now officially invaded the broccoli plants - which by the way are producing way more broccoli than this little family of 4 can eat. We are not complaining though. And we are excited to report that the cauliflower that we had originally thought did not get pollinated in fact did. They just grow quite a bit slower than the broccoli.

The tomato plants literally are growing all over each other and it is hard to separate the plants to survey the crop. Mattea crawls underneath and we can barely see her until she peaks her head out the other side.

The peas - we lost 4 pea plants earlier in the season but two survived. We are getting an adequate amount of pods off the plants - nothing stellar. Enough though that the girls can enjoy a bowl full of peas as a snack every afternoon when they awaken from their naps. I just cut the pods open and dump the peas in a bowl. Originally Mattea said she didn't like peas but when her sister came along and started shoveling them in by the handfuls - she quickly changed her tune.


MerrandaVK said...

Now all you have to do is learn how to can :) or freeze :)

We only planted 3 tomatoe plants this year because we had the same problem last year! Looks like a wonderful garden though, and fresh, homegrown produce rocks.

nurseheather said...

right - i'm so not holly homemaker and canning/freezing goes far behind what i have the capabilities of doing. we'll just stuff our face while the produce is fresh