Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gender Differences

In a current book that I am reading, I stumbled on a section about Gender Differences. I hadn't really given the subject a whole lot of thought until I began reading....

Little boys have a trail of masculine adjectives that distinctly separate them from little girls. Social conditioning? There might be some, but not sufficient enough to alter male and female predispositions embedded in nature's endowment of gender. The fact is, male and female brains are wired differently. Yes, little boys love trucks and little girls love dolls.

This inspired me to rummage through my toy room to see whether or not I am contributing to gender differences with my two GIRLS.

A purple and pink tent - which doubles as our princess castle - umm not too many boys have played within.

A whole lot of "mommy" accessories - kind of girlie.

Not so boyish! (May I add that I am seriously contemplating wearing this to the rodeo tonight - tonight is date night.)

A doll house - There is some blue and green on it???

Tea for two? It is blue....

Aaah Haaa! A tool box and little hammer purchased from Goodwill just the other day. I'm not doing so bad huh?

As I continued to read in the book though I felt relieved.

....parents should not attempt to gender-neutralize their little boys or girls, but rather appreciate the differences and work with each propensity.
On Becoming Preschool Wise - Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

Ok - so I don't have to feel bad for having 2 girlie girls and raising them in a girlie house with girlie toys and girlie books. I have pink everything and dolls galore. I don't own a truck but rather lots and lots of girlie "stuff." And I don't feel bad but am rather embracing the fun of raising little women.

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