Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spilling Secrets

Look closely at the pot........ Now read on for a ridiculous cooking story brought to by whom other but myself.
This weekend, Dave and I decided to tag team supper since the girls were staying busy outside, I had stuff to do inside, Dave was trying to plant our new blue berry bushes, etc. Well, Dave had prepared corn on the cob and stuck it in the pan. He instructed me to start it at a certain time which would then correspond to our kabobs cooking on the grill. Easy right? I could totally handle that.
I ran in the house to find that I had missed the minute I was supposed to turn the stove on - so I ran over and popped that sucker up as high as it would go and left...obviously had more important stuff to do. Came back to check on it but did not find it boiling yet. Bummer - I was already behind schedule.
I then left the room to finish laundry or some other pressing task only to return minutes later to the most retched smell. Ummm, apparently David didn't add water to the pan of corn when he had thrown it together and then failed to reveal to me that slight detail. I, of course, wouldn't have even thought to check that since it is those kinds of details that I most often forget while in the kitchen. So, I'm thinking the pan might be ruined, and the corn - well, i just scraped off the side that was blackened and served it up to my family who didn't really ask too many questions. Now do you realize why I hate cooking?


MerrandaVK said...

laugh out loud funny! thanks for sharing. I served a disgusting veggie pizza the other night to my family.. I had the crust baking in the oven and was dealing with some discipline issues and got sidetracked and it turned out TOUGH AS CARDBOARD, but that was part of the discipline too, eating a gross pizza. :)

nurseheather said...

you rock - in fact i then served up a horrible roast in the crock pot - can't screw that up right? forgot to start it then cranked it to high and unfortunately it didn't cook in time so i put it in the microwave - then nuked it too long. but made everyone eat it!!!

Hansen Household said...

I have totally done that before on another scale. I put food in a steamer to a veggies and never added water in the bottom of the pan. Same no worries it's not just you.