Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making Mistakes

After church this morning, we made lunch and took it outside to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having. The girls were eating and admiring the garden at the same time. Mattea was fascinated by the butterflies that were adorning our foliage an asked me "Mama is that a bird?" I really wasn't paying attention too well to the conversation and so I answered "yes." Daddy was quick to correct and tell her "No Matty, that isn't a bird, that's a butterfly."

After realizing I had told her wrong information, I turned and said "Sorry Mattea, mommy made a mistake. That isn't a bird, that is a butterfly"
Without hesitation she then responded

"Mama, God doesn't want you to mistakes." Swallow hard - hmmmm. Think quickly. Pray - God, how in the world can I explain in simple, 3 year old terms that I make mistakes daily. Not just daily, hourly. And that I have made several just this very morning - some the kids may have seen, some they may have not seen. And then quickly surveying my 3 year dictionary to find the perfect words used to describe the indescribable grace that God has so graciously given me when I make those mistakes.

I was lucky that David jumped in and gave a very simple, straightforward explanation and the conversation quickly turned to something else. Wow! I think it is simply amazing that some of my most stimulating conversations come between me and my toddler!

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