Monday, August 10, 2009


My new favorite quote.

"And raising kids requires such a high level of vulnerability, it only makes sense that endurance is a mommy mandate. Being fit for my role as a mother has far larger implications that the latest diet, the size of my jeans, or the number on the scale; it's a healthy reflection of who I am , who I am becoming, the life I am modeling for my children, and the strength I can summon when I am needed most."

Taken from the article
Running For My Life
Kristin Armstrong

*I guess when I begin to feel guilty about how much time, effort, and energy I'm spending on exercise and my running regime and the toll that it has on my kids, I can look back at this quote. It is a reminder that although you make some sacrifices when you decide to have children, you don't have to sacrifice everything. You still deserve to carry on with living as the person you were before - altered of course.


The girls are finishing out their last week of swimming lessons for the summer - or so I thought. I learned today that Paloma has already passed the Pike class (AKA big girl swimming class) and is ready to advance on to Super Pikes. Yeah Paloma, we are proud of you. But, that means she advances on to big sister Mattea's class which Mattea has repeated about 6 times. I'm hoping she is close but I'm not sure that is going to go over well that M's little 2.5 year old sister is advancing on to the same class she is currently in. I have two options: 1)bag swimming for the rest of the summer and hope next year nobody notices that they are in the same class or 2) bite the bullet and enroll for another session and really see what Paloma can do. Maybe I have a natural swimmer on my hands - oh and pray that Mattea isn't hurt or offended. Buy yahoo Paloma!

If you haven't been following my tweets, my dear husband left for Butte today. Poor guy had to drive 6 hours to get there tonight after completing a full day at work. He should be arriving in 1.5 hours. But on the flip side, I'm tolerating this travel stint much better than others because I know that we have an exciting and awesome weekend planned ahead. I don't work an hour of it and we are planning some events as a family. Yeah!


Quote from Paloma today who is battling a pretty nasty cold:

"My snuffy nose made me snort" after her and her sister were being silly and Paloma snorted so loudly we all stopped and turned our heads.


I just love these guys!

Now do you know why this post was entitled "Random?"

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