Friday, August 28, 2009


Here is my darling Mattea modeling an outfit she had picked out to wear the other night. I was busily trying to prepare supper but did turn around to admire. It didn't take me long to notice that something about the outfit was not quite right.

Can you spot what is so wrong with this picture?

Nope. Well then maybe you need to ask Mattea to lift up her shirt.

Because it won't take you long to realize the absolutely funny absurdity that was going on at my house. Yes, Mattea had gotten into my "nipples" and thought she needed a pair to wear to the park. So she put them on thinking no one would notice. She apparently didn't get the memo that so clearly stated "Note to toddlers. Bras are overrated. Do not begin wearing before you absolutely have to!" We had a little chat after that.


Anonymous said...

wow, the time will be here sooner than you think...too cute that is a cute work, my son say they are peeps. I know...Lucy

Michelle said...

Nice nipples! All this says to me is that H you have incredibly good taste in undergarments!!

Kim said...

Don't you remember the time when you thought being grown-up was cool? How do we stop our kids from those thoughts and just tell them to be kids because too quickly all the responsibility comes.