Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Date Night

Recently I have seen some changes in Mattea's behavior that I'm not so happy with. Spending time trying to figure out what has been going on led me to the conclusion that Mattea's love language is time/attention. She loves one on one time with mom or dad and craves focused attention. Lately, she's been coming up short on both. For various reasons, my plan that was devised before Paloma was born about how I was going to spend concentrated one on one time with each child each week has ummmmm, failed!

So the other day at work I was sitting around thinking about ways that I could make Mattea feel special this week and "fill her love tank." I decided that I would take her to the theater to see the movie UP. Hearing and reading good reviews, I decided that is what we would do.

Once I told her, she couldn't stop talking about it nor could she stop rubbing it in sister's face. That's OK, a date night with my little polly rae is in the works as we speak.

So, after dinner on Friday, Mattea and I headed over to the theater. Was a rather amusing time I might say. Not liking or recommending the movie at all, I did my best to explain to Mattea the moral of the story. She didn't get any of the movie nor did she understand any of the jokes. She kept asking me "mama, why's everyone laughing?" But, in the end, I don't think she really cared. She was so stoked that she could drink "soda" (sprite) and eat M & M's (a whole bag) and spend time with mommy, AND stay up past her bedtime.

We will have to do this again soon. This did remind me though of why I have only been to one movie in the last 9 years.

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Kim said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping to do the same thing with the boys, but like you said, not much time to go around. Once baby 2 is born, Kelly is going to come join us on Wed. nights, so hopefully some of those nights can be reserved just for Bennett!