Monday, August 3, 2009

Daddy & Me

I love this picture and have been meaning to do a blog post on it for awhile. I just haven't really gotten the motivation to compile my thoughts into a post.

This picture captures so much feeling and emotion for me. I look at it and smile. David is looking so lovingly at Mattea with a great big smile on his face. He looks relaxed and at ease and is obviously amused by his eldest daughter.

Mattea also has the most perfect expression. She is standing next her daddy, completely dirty with popsicle all around her face. She probably stinks a bit since she had been outside playing around with friends. But yet when she stands next to her daddy, according to her expression, she doesn't care. She has a great big grin. Her hand is placed just right as to say "this is my daddy and I love him lots and lots and lots and lots."

When I first reviewed this picture on my camera the first thought that came to my head was how analogous this is to the relationship I have with my father - Heavenly Father that is. I come to him dirty, stained - stinky at times - while he stands back with a large smile on his face. Completely at ease and at peace with my imperfections he is happy with me and who I am. And there is a sense of comfort that I have when I am near him. Almost brings me to tears writing it. And I'm sure I'm not quite articulating quite what I mean. But think back for a moment about the relationship that you have/had with your earthly father. Some memories relived are good and some are not so good. Some of us can remember joy and happiness while others of us are festering with hatred and anger. Whatever that relationship is or was it has nothing to do with the relationship with your Heavenly Father. He loves us whole heartily - imperfections and all. He longingly stares at us with a smile on His face - for He created us. I'm sure there are times where He is frowning and looks on with disapproval. As there are times when David is scowling at Mattea. But in the very moment in which this photo was captured, all was well. A sweet, innocent, crazy, dirty little girl ran up to her daddy and was received with open arms and a great big smile. In my times of trial, it is then that I have that desire to run - run to my Father. To be received with open arms and a great big smile. How about you?


Kim said...

Thanks so much for all your insights into life. I appreciate your analogy; you are such a thinker and I love it because it makes me stop and think about life a little more. Great post!

Michelle said...

I could not agree more! Let's just photo shop out the guy's head in the background!!