Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I can't believe that Dave and I are approaching our 7 year anniversary - crazy. I remember that day so vividly. I remember making a vow to him that I was not a perfect wife but if he gave me a lifetime, I would learn how to be the best wife I could be and to make him the happiest man possible.

Who knew that meant taking up running, hiking in the foothills of New Mexico where I encountered rattlesnakes on more than one occasion, cooking, gardening, wearing no makeup and now - camping. Yes! I finally offered to go camping - in a tent - with my hubby. I know he loves the outdoors and actually spent an entire summer backpacking out west during college. If you know me at all, umm sleeping in a tent with bugs and port a potties is not my kind of thing. But, I wanted to give it a shot - so we did.

This last weekend, we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed to the mountains. We didn't even get 15 minutes out of town and Paloma almost wet her pants. And you can tell by the picture, Kody was unimpressed with his riding arrangements. Because he was so unhappy about riding in the back, he tried to jump over the seat, landed on Paloma instead and put a big gauge on her arm - to which she promptly began screaming at the top of her lungs. We're still not out of town yet!

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we arrived at our campsite early enough. After organizing everything (that was me of course) we headed down the river to cool off. The girls loved it. I was panicking the whole time envisioning a drowning but all was good. The dogs were not so happy to be drug into the river but then again they were not happy about the entire weekend. Appears they are as posh as I am.
That night ended with a home cooked campfire meal (prepared by dad) and smores. We finally packed into the tent (that is after mommy and daddy finished 2 bottles of wine) and attempted to sleep. But there was no sleep to be had by anyone other than Paloma.

The next morning after shivering around a campfire, I headed into town for takeout breakfast and coffee. Apparently we forgot to pack coffee. After playing around a bit in some hot springs we headed home. Car ride was uneventful except that Paloma almost vomited on several occasions - I guess it had nothing to do with the 3 containers of orange juice she drank that morning.
We're already making plans for the next big camping adventure. I'm not sure Dave had envisioned this kind of camping trip. A little bit different with kids!


Kim said...

WOW!! Are you sure you actually went along for the camping? I don't see you in any pictures as proof!!! We used to be expert campers in the backyard--but out in the wilderness??? Never thought I'd see the day :-) Congrats on surviving and hope you had a good time!

nurseheather said...

i was looking way too rugged without make up to appear in photos. i do have one but not for the general public.....oh trust me - i was there

Kim said...

Good Job Heather!!! I am proud of you. I know your husband and kids loved you for going. I am also glad to hear you are planning the next trip; that means it wasn't half bad.