Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Discovery Center Date

In an attempt to please my husband and introduce my children to the wonderful world of science (and because my friend Kim blogged about her experience and I thought it looked fun), I took the girls to the Discovery Center yesterday. David firmly believes that if the girls have a strong foundation in the sciences, they will be more apt to go further in their careers if they so desire. I do remind him that I hate science, wasn't very good in science, maybe even cheated in science on a few occasions and I turned out Ok - mute point.

Of course our fist stop - the veterinary hospital. The girls literally spent the first hour doctoring up all the sick animals.

And because we arrived early there were no other kids around playing. That meant my girls had free reign on everything - which suited them just fine. It was so cute to watch. I must say that Mattea is destined to go into the medical field. I'm convinced that it is her calling. She loves doctoring sick "things" whether it be people, her dolls, blankets. She likes to make things better.

The girls checking out some of the other "cool exhibits." Of course, mommy didn't necessarily think it was so cool but I'm really learning to broaden my horizons. I would have loved to have been at the pool or splash pad but instead I was learning about sound waves and electrical currents.

Mattea used all of her muscles to pull herself up this bucket swing thing. She loved it so much she did three rounds - all by herself I might add.

Who knew flip flops could make such beautiful music.

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