Friday, August 21, 2009

Hawaiian Hula

A little late with this post but "better late than never" right?

So a weekend or so ago, David's work hosted their annual "Power Outage." Last year the company sponsored a rafting trip but this year the events included a Hawaiian themed luau complete with hula dancers. It was close to our home, at a local park that we frequent often and so we thought why not go and check out the festivities. The girls were a bit under the weather but that didn't stop them from having a good time.

Paloma was in awe the minute she got there. And do you see how closely she is clutching her bag. She has become our official "hoarder." She takes things and puts them into bags, and then she transfers them from one bag to the next. She was loving the fact that the company gave her a big bag filled with junk - or er cool hawaiian stuff.

Mattea was a enjoying herself as well.

The hula dancers put on a great performance. Mattea was so into it that she got up from where she was sitting and began shaking her hips as well. That girl can move!

And finally, a photo of Mattea taking a shot at riding the waves. She did pretty good. The controller was nice enough to start off slow but once he realized she got the hang of it, he did speed it up quite a bit. She did great. Of course, Paloma (being the chicken that she is) did not want to try but instead ran away from Dave and I and was caught "hoarding" other people's gift bags while we weren't looking. Nice!
The day was fun and the food was good. Roasted pig??? Not completely sure but since we don't' eat pork we are hoping that wasn't what it was - but if it was, it was good!

**Camden, we sure wish you could have joined us - you would have learned some great moves!**


Kim said...

Looks like a great day and a great party!

Michelle said... date, dance lesson time. After your trip - let's get the kids together. We can drink coffee and turn on the Hawaiian tunes for a real sweet treat!