Friday, August 14, 2009

Craft Day

Because we are all feeling a little under the weather these days, we decided yesterday to stay home and have "craft day." Mattea has been dying to make bat puppets that she originally had seen made on Sprouts. So we ran upstairs, checked out the website and then proceeded to raid that craft cart for all the necessary materials.

Paloma got in on the action as well. This allowed her to practice her much needed coloring and cutting skills. I did not post any photos of her though because she has the most "ugly face" on in each photo. Mattea looks much more into it.

Beautiful huh?
For more great ideas, be sure to check out the website.


Michelle said...

Love this. And you have a craft cart? Please share what is in it. Feeling my kids are deprived when their NOT crafty mom has no clue about this kind of stuff. All of our crayons are broken...uggghhh.

Hope everyone is feeling better this week. We miss ya!

Kim said...

This looks like fun! Wondering if I will be able to do these sorts of activities with my boys??? Do they have craft ideas for making trucks or basketballs???